my question for anyone self-employed. and what i've been working on.

before i get to my question and what i've been working on, i have to tell that there were snow flurries on my way home! aaaaahhhhhhhhh! they're also calling for maybe a dusting this weekend, but i would be lying i said i wasn't hoping for a foot of snow.

okay, now to the issue at hand. if you're an artist, designer, whatever, just self-employed, how do other people treat you and your job? i'm asking because sometimes i feel like i'm the only one who takes my jewelry and web design seriously. for a while now, i've had so many people act as though me being at home equals me not doing anything. quite the contrary. when i'm at home i spend A LOT of time working. and the whole issue of making jewelry is only a small part of it. i spend most all of my days photographing jewelry, adjusting those photos, printing shipping labels, packaging orders, making business cards, answering emails and convos, working on custom and wholesale orders, etc., etc., etc. so it's frustrating when i get comments like, "it must be nice not to have to work" or, "so what days do you work?" um, EVERYDAY! ALL DAY! how do people treat you if you're self-employed? do your family and friends take it seriously? if you get questions or comments like i do, how do you respond? i'm just looking for a way i can explain to people (without being rude, because i am very blunt and get fussed at about it regularly) that i do in fact work, and the location of my "office" doesn't have anything to do with it. do you get what i mean?

okay, blah blah blah, now i've gotten that off my chest. maybe it doesn't matter what i say or how i describe it, there may be some people that just never take me seriously. i sometimes tell myself that those are the people who lack the imagination and drive to work for themselves, so i shouldn't take their comments personally.

and up there is the stuff that i've been working on. i'm just so inspired by simplicity, the colors of the sky, and shapes. and sometimes i have such pretty pictures in my head combining all of those things that i wish i could print out my mental picture. what's inspiring you lately, and what have you been working on?

tomorrow i CAN'T WAIT to show you some of the beautiful things that have shown up in my mailbox! it's the sweetest eye candy, pinky promise!


  1. i don't know personally because so far i've only dreamt of having my own business, but from what i've heard it can be even more difficult to be self-employed, because your income relies just on you alone--if you're having a bad week and don't get much done, nobody's writing you a paycheck. and there's no "end" to a workday--so it can be difficult to switch over and actually relax. in my opinion it sounds like a really tough and admirable way to make a living, but i'm so looking forward to it! i think some people tend to be rather closed minded and can't understand jobs that don't involve a cubicle or office and a 9-5 workday.

  2. i think those people are just jealous! ;) i can't imagine how busy you must always be... sometimes i feel overwhelmed by my regular email inbox (and in a good way, cos i do like hearing from people but at the same time, i'm the worse at replying at times *shame on me* so i can imagine having a business where you must get a ton of emails and questions... i would be so overwhelmed x100!)

    i am LOVING the candy pink necklace and the earrings! genius.

    marriage bliss has been inspiring me lately ;) i should have thought michaels for a pink or silver tree! where is my girl fiance when i need her?! lol i joked with chip that even though he didn't want a "guadi" tree-- it kind of is cos i didn't realize just how many ornaments i had on such little space! lol i couldn't get a big one because i'm afraid my crazy little dogs would think it's one big toy for them :) so i had to get a small enough one to set it up higher.

    can't wait to see your mailbox candy! :)

    xoxoxo miss you!

  3. i am not self employed yet but i will be next year. i do however, work part time (after not working outside my home for the past two years), go to school-all on line, and have a 7 yr old daughter. people treat me as if i am living the life! did i mention that i also take care of our three dogs, do the laundry, clean the house, grocery shop, cook dinner almost every night....blah blah blah..... my boyfriend just gets up in the morning and goes to work...then comes home. he affectionately calls me "princess" HA...i feel more like Cinderella before she tried on that darn shoe! LOL i kid...

    i actually think it is harder to work from home. you have to be very focused. it is so easy to get distracted by a pile of laundry...people who go to an office every day don't think twice about the dishes in the sink. sometimes i am jealous that i can't hide away from chores in an office all day :)

  4. Sometimes I *wish* I had a 9-5 schedule because at least my job would stop at 5. I've discussed this on my blog before, too. When you are your own boss, your always working.
    I'm not taken too seriously since I don't have actual credibility I can brag about (the cons of ghost writing, other people get your work praised), but at the end of the day, it's all worth it. I sometimes even say i'm male in my freelance gigs and 80% of the time i get hired over being a woman. Lame!

  5. it is so easy to get distracted by a pile of laundry...people who go to an office every day don't think twice about the dishes in the sink. i think some people tend to be rather closed minded and can't understand jobs that don't involve

  6. My husband is self-employed as a DJ/Producer and at parties, some people ask intrusive questions like how does he makes ends meet, not exactly in those words but this is where they are getting out. I am surprise as he always keeps his cool and answer the question as myself I am more annoyed than he is. I am wondering why do they care. I guess deep down people always dream to be able to do what they want but not everybody can do it. You have to be creative and have a business sense. Some people are either creative or the business type, it is rare to find those two qualities in one person. It is obvious to me that you are very talented. I LOVE your jewelry.
    My husband says to me that people are making conversation. I know that but I found some people annoying although they are not asking me directly. I have noticed that only people who are artists themselves can understand. I guess. The thing is that we can't change people. The thing is perhaps to raise above, stay cool and move on to a different topic. Easier said than done. I know. You are doing great. LOVE your blog. LOVE your jewelry. Cheers to you.

  7. these are GORGEOUS. i love those little stud earrings. i added this necklace to my etsy favorites:
    no. 365 - brass and vintage sequins necklace.

  8. dude! i know what you are talking about!
    you are actually making your jewelry which will blow up one day and you will be famous and you can start selling your pieces for like 200-300 dollars!
    work is work. i think people just don't get it. they are not trying to be rude they are just "stuck in the box"

  9. josh is self employed, and we have to deal with the same things. he buys and resells electronics, and that is actually our only source of income since i'm in school. and we're doing perfectly fine!
    but people act like it's weird. and i'm just not sure why. and occasionally even our parents are like, "well, are you doing okay? are you making money?" and it's just like, of course....
    josh basically is always working. i mean, he has plenty of downtime, but sometimes he's working early in the day, sometimes it's midnight. it's not a typical job, no. but he works hard!

  10. Right?! People are so snarky sometimes about being self-employed. Like "Oh, I wish I had as much free time as you. That would be so nice." Uh...I work probably more than anyone I know with a full-time job, because I can't leave everything at the office and head home at the end of the day. I work all day, every day to make what I do better and as efficient as possible.

    I totally get it.

  11. oh my goodness are those studs in your shop!? i wanted to put one of your necklaces on my christmas list, but it looks like you don't have anymore so maybe those will go on it :)

  12. my father works from home. sometimes i get the feeling that he doesn't do much just because he's sitting on the computer most of the time but then I need to remind myself that he actually is working the entire time he is on the computer. and just like you, its not just 5 days a week for a few hours, its every day all day as well! i'm sure he'd like to get up and leave the house to do something fun but just like any other job, work comes first.

  13. ignore them all-they are just jelous. what they do not understand is the 'less glamorous' part of being self-employed, like paying taxes even you haven't sold that much, not a regular income (at least at the beginning), working over the weekend when all friends are having fun....
    Just go your way, sooner or later they will take you more seriously.
    Especially if you'll manage to get an article written or something in a magazine or website.
    Btw, your pieces are amazing!!!!!


  14. I get this question EVERYTIME someone (usually other women) asks me what I do for a living.
    I say mom first then Photographer last.
    But to make matters worse, I get it even more now that my kids are all in school... "what do you do with your self all day?" with a tone, like I must be so lucky to have so much free time! HA! Well, I have exactly 6 hours a day to clean the house, shower, do laundry, work on print orders, pick-up/drop-off film, edit photos, mail etc...! And then from 3-7 I do homework, run a carpool, cook, clean-up, and play with the kids! ... I wish I had the guts to say all of that to someone when they give me the "what-for" about my life. but I am too nice so I just say VERY SARCASTICALLY, "oh nothing, I just sit around and watch soaps and eat Bon Bons all day"
    (which doing that sounds like a total bore to me BTW!!!)

  15. hello darling.
    i just found your blog today and i am so in love with what you make and your cute pictures and writing <3. i've always wanted my own business and have just started dabbling in expanding my creativity. definitely do not listen to people who put you down for it. rather poor and happy then rich and miserable i say! those people are probably just jealous that you get to do what you love while they have to clock in day in and day out doing something they dispise. looking forward to seeing the rest of your blog throughout this week and seeing more to come! you are definitely on my favourite list! :) i can't wait to get some extra cashola so i can order some of your homeade goodies!!

    Ashely from O'Canada

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  17. i am now transitioning from having a "respectable career" to working from home on my own artistic projects. the workload is exactly the same at home as in the office (where i work 50 hour minimum weeks and travel too much). the only difference is, at home there is no security and i feel passionate about it. so, i am terrified but happy and my happiness and satisfaction is the most important thing. i just try and remember that i have nothing to feel bad about and i feel sorry for the people who don't understand what a wonderful and productive life we can all have doing what we love.


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