thrift score

i know i said i'd show you yesterday what i got when carla and i went thrifting, but i'm running behind. yesterday, my grandma rode down to chris's grandma's house (which is right up the road from me) and auntie amy came down to perm grandma's hair. so, instead of blogging, i inhaled perm fumes and listened to old lady stuff. my girl fiancee was kind enough to call me today and demand i show my finds or risk bodily harm, and obviously i value my safety.

i really love this cardigan. the fabric is so incredibly soft and i like the simple detail of the scalloping around the collar. i also have to admit that i'm a mexican shirt hoarder. even if they're too big, i can't pass them up. luckily this one fits perfectly, and it even has a bird on it!

the blouse below is one of those things that i wasn't sure about, but carla approved, and i figured she was probably right. it's really lightweight and soft, and my favorite part is the feather-like design.

now for the price, because everyone is interested in thrifting deals, right? the cardigan and pink blouse came to five dollars and some change after tax. verdict: score! the mexican blouse was $2.99. verdict: affordable hoarding score.

random piece of information: while carla and i were thrifting we did some talking about serial killers. i don't know what it is about serial killers, or violent criminals in general, but i've always found them to be strangely fascinating, and i'm glad to know she does, too.

so there you have it, my thrifting finds. micaela, i'll have you know that i came straight home to get pictures just for you while the sun was still up rather than stopping to have my prescription filled. so if my kidneys stop working, i'm coming back to haunt you, woman!


  1. These are all fantastic finds. That last blouse is very pretty indeed.

  2. i really hope youre not joking, because i have always found serial killers strangely fascinating, too! i always wikipedia their stories and read about their lives and what they did. i have no idea why, and it is really terrifying, but i feel slightly better prepared if i should ever meet a serial killer in the streets.

    yup. i'm a weirdo.

  3. I absolutely love that blouse! and I find serial killers fascinating also. my first roommate thought I was super weird for it. Good to know I'm not alone haha.

  4. geez...can i go thrifting with you? i never find good clothes, just little bobbles i don't really need.

    you find the cutest things.

    merry christmas!


  5. Hola Senorita. You're a little spicy quesadilla, yes you are!! I love mexican blouses too. Well, I don't actually own one, but I want one. Tons really. So cool. So beautiful!! I want a pic of you in it!

  6. bloggers, i totally did call her out on not keeping her end of her promise to show off her thrifting finds with carla ;) ha! and i'm pretty sure i could take little danielle lol

    d- I LOVE the mexican blouse!!! i'd wear it as a dress ;) and carla has good taste- i'm glad she talked you into the blouse because it's pretty!!!

    oh my goodness, me and max watch "forensic files" on tivo... and don't get me started on ted bundy. lol crazy! maybe that's why we love Dexter so much, cos he's a "good" criminal lol

    happy christmas eve fiancee! love you and your kidneys! -- PS. that sounds out of place there esp. when we were talking about serial killers. HA! sorry, you know what i meant :) that you would forgo your prescription for my uproar :) x

    i had to leave said comment in though cos it cracked me up in the strange context.

  7. That embroidered blouse is making my heart melt. I just picked up a similar one last week at the thrift (there's pictures up on the blog). You got yours for a better price though, nice work!


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