wishlist wednesday!

Time for a little window shopping! This wish list really doesn't have a specific theme or style, I just decided that I'd choose items from a few of the sellers in my etsy favorites. If you'd like to show your very own wish list, link back to me from your post and leave a link to it in the comments section. I can't wait to see what you put together!

From the top: birch bark necklace from bettula, pretties in pink from from gray to gold, barely there white stripes tunic from blue heart boutique, women's sporto vintage galoshes from capricious traveler, vintage sterling silver and bone pendant from cme scout.

Today I'm cold, I'm tired, I have a headache and I have an appetite that just won't quit. On the bright side, I watched one of my favorite shows, "How Clean is Your House?" and that put me in the mood for some cleaning. So now it's off the computer for me and on to dishes and vacuuming!


  1. I love those shoes! Sperry Topsider is making ones right now that are quite similar, I saw them at Dillards!

  2. i spotted quite a few pairs of galoshes like these a few thrifting trips ago...

    but sadly they were all in teeny-tiny sizes (5-6)
    and i wear an 8 1/2.


  3. i love that tank!
    and the last necklace!
    'today i'm cold, i'm tired, i have a headache and i hae an appetite that just won't quit.' IS EXACTLY how i am feeling today... it's that time of the month and it always does me in. i just ate a huge plate of nachos with pinto beans and now i'm going to devour a box of thin mints and peanut butter patties from the girl scouts!
    hope you feel better

  4. http://loveable-lerwills.blogspot.com/2010/02/wishlist-wednesday.html

    There I linked back! Thanks for sharing!

  5. http://loveable-lerwills.blogspot.com/2010/02/wishlist-wednesday.html

    There I linked back! Thanks for sharing.. Also, if you would like.. I have a Shadow Sharing that I posted, and unfortunatly no one has participated. Very sad. So I thought maybe I would spread the word. have a great day. (sorry for the double post)

  6. i love the first necklace...is that made of wood? that would take a lot of patience (no pun intended).

    and i love the bird cages you got! what great finds...you are one lucky lady.


  7. I love those shoes!
    Hope you feel better soon. Sometimes I feel hungry all the time, quite odd.
    I like the sound of "How clean is your house?" They would probably die if they came to my place.

  8. Maddy, I might have to look for those, especially with all the mid and sogginess here after the snow melted.

    Ashlee, I can't belive you can find a size 5. That's what I wear and I have NO luck. All if ever find is size 7-10.

    Kassi, it's that time for me, too. I hate the appetite thing, it makes me feel so fat, but I still can't stop eating! I've also been so annoyed with Flojo today, and she isn't even doing anything! So I've just been a fat jerk!

    Social Butterfly, thanks for playing along, I like the headband you picked!

    Monica, the necklace is made of birch wood! Actually the entire shop is made from birch. Pretty impressive!

    Megan, thank you :) I love that show even though I get so grossed out by some of the houses. When I lived with my dad and cleaning was one of my chores, I hated it! Now that I'm the adult, I love it!

  9. I don't know if I'd actually ever wear it but I am loving that bow.

  10. p.s.

    i made my own wishlist!


  11. did you see those torquoise boots from capricious traveler??? i fell in love :) your feet are itty bitty!

    that last necklace is gorgeous.

    here's my list:


    these are always a post of yours i look forward to btw. :)

  12. sorry i havent been by lately!
    i love the dance, i love the birdcages, and i love your window shopping items...i have to be good though bc i can't spend money:( gotta save it fpr NY and california.
    how has your week been?

  13. I love Wednesdays on your blog!!! Much love to you! xo

  14. I love ALL of your choices here!!! You have such great taste, Danielle!

  15. beautiful things!
    great taste as usual. :)


  16. I love both of those necklaces. They're both so pretty ad te birch bark one is so unique. Isn't window shopping fun? I love it.

    Hope you have a beautiful day today friend!

  17. I had a semi etsy wish list on my last 10 things that make me happy post. I just posted the 7 things post you linked me in! Thanks! I love etsy!! Wish it was a little easier to search for things though.


  18. I was so annoyed for so long that Etsy doesn't have a way to register but recently I found that you can still register for things from there on myregistry.com. Yay! So I'm off to see if I can put those cute galoshes on my birthday wishlist...woo hoo!

  19. oooh love that birch bow necklace! i've never seen anything like it! this is a wonderful list =]


  20. I love that necklace! (First from the top.) And I like this wishlist idea. I might do it myself... I'll be sure to link back here if I do! :)

    Hope you're feeling better! Have a great weekend.

  21. i love your wish list wednesdays! the striped tunic is my fave!

  22. I'm back with my wish list! Read it here. Thanks for the inspiration! :)

  23. Ahh i love wishlists! :) I love the old vintage style stuff here, and that cute box is amazing <3 is it a jewellery box? My mum gave me her old one a few weeks ago which looks a little similar to this except red lining with two tiers, which I love as it has that lovely homely feel. :D

    Glad you liked your knick knack! <3 I hope it fits & works and didn't get too bashed in the post :]


  24. That necklace is amazing! It looks like its made out of tree bark? How cool.


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