hearts, hearts and hearts

Remember how I told you I got some film developed yesterday after playing with a heart-shaped lens hood I made? The first picture is of some heart garland I made after seeing Brandi's cute idea. I'm no bokeh expert, but I was trying to get a little when I hung this garland by a window. Thank you, recycled Pottery Barn catalog!

The last picture is my heart bokeh! I made the heart small enough so that not only the bokeh would be heart-shaped (it is, it's just hard to see since the picture is small), but the image area would be heart shaped as well! That particular picture is of the snow in my front yard. I plan to do lots more playing, but I want to do it at night with street lights.

Have you heard of the notebook journey? Basically, a single notebook gets sent from person to person for them to write draw, or somehow make their mark, then they send it along to the next person. I just signed up today, and I think you should check it out!

Last, I like to do a "what I'm working on" post about once a week, and I was thinking that I'd like to share what you're working on, too! If you'd like share with me and have your pictures posted (assuming I can get enough), you can email me at kissparrotkiss@aol.com.


  1. I love this!! This whole post was great! Sending you much love! xo

  2. Thanks so much for spreading the word. This was a great post!

  3. Love the bottom pic. I will definitely check out the travelling journal.

  4. i LOVE bokeh, i really need to figure out how to do it and start shooting my own... I love these shots!

  5. Thanks, ladies! I still have a lot of practicing to do before I feel like I'll know what I'm doing, but taking pictures is fun, so I don't mind practice!

    Megan, you should def. sign up, I think it's going to be really neat! I'm already starting to think of what I might draw, even though it will be a while getting to me!

    Brittan, I hope you post pics of your pictures. I love seeing what other people photograph, and I love bokeh, too! I'm a little obsessed!

  6. Nice bokeh, and I would love to join the "what I'm working on" posts :)

  7. you are brilliant!
    and i love the garland!
    and that heart shaped snow photo? how did you do that!!!! omg!
    i think i wanna sign up fpr that thingy...oh and yes pls share what you are working on!!!

  8. love your bokeh!

    and i also love miss dinosaurtoes' hatch day pics :). too cute!

  9. I love your findings. I joined in, read it may be months, but it will be really cool to see.

  10. awesome bokeh! loving it <3

    just read your commment on my blog, and yes, i know that taking care of a bird is hard work, and that i'll have to clean its cage and around it everyday, but i'm up for it. i've already seen the one i want at the pet store and i'm super excited about it!

  11. good job on the garland!
    i wanted to try it too.
    but, didn't have all the skills needed. haha.


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