snowbound and without electricity

On Friday evening, after watching Paranormal Activity and having the crap scared out of me, the power went out. Perfect timing, right? We got snow on top of snow on top of snow, and about an inch of ice, so we pretty much knew we'd be without electricity. Chris got the generator and we barricaded ourselves in the bedroom with a space heater. There is only so much two people and a parrot can do in a bedroom, but we tried to make the most of it! Flojo played under the covers in a "birdie cave," Chris played imaginary instruments (a flute, a saxophone, a trumpet and a trombone) on my arm, and we took these pictures. See, we didn't go crazy!

How has your weekend been so far? I'll have a giveaway winner to announce tomorrow, so be sure to come back and find out if it's you!!!

And one more thing, it seems like a whole lot of people could relate to my drooling in my sleep info on fill in the blank friday, so here's something even better (or worse)... In my 9th grade science class, I kept talking too much and wouldn't be quiet, so my teacher moved me from the lab table with my partner to an individual desk beside his. Lucky for me, he stood in front of his desk to teach, so he couldn't see me. I took advantage of the location and decided to take a little nap until the end of class (because really, I didn't care about a lecture on clouds). A friend woke me up on his way out of the door, and when I tried to pick my head up, I picked the cover of my book up as well because I drooled and the book cover was stuck to my cheek! How's that for embarrassing?!? I was mortified then, now it's pretty funny.


  1. i love these photos!
    cowboy and indian party!!!
    did you make your headdress?
    i cant beleive you watched that movie? you are brave. i like scary movies but i heard that one is ahhhhhhh!

  2. I always think there is more fun to be had when you have "nothing" to do. You guys are adorable!

  3. These pictures were so fun to take, and we could barely stand up straight because we were laughing so hard!

    Brandi, I didn't make the headdress. A friend sent it to me, and she got it from a yard sale a while back. I'm just waiting to be invited to a costume party so I can wear it all night long!

  4. oh these are probably about the cutest photos i ever did see! you two make being snowed in look like fun!

  5. you look like audrey hepburn in that first pic especially. you two are just delightful looking people. I love the photo shoot! he's got pretty blue eyes, mr. dino toes.

    I was so afraid our elect. would go out because Max had to work all weekend and i would have been by myself (well with maverick and bubbles, my two pups). I count my lucky stars (& God, mostly God) that we didn't. It would have been a BORING/COLD/SCARY snowed in weekend.

    Pretty sure i will never see Paranormal Activity! I'm such a wuss. Watching "The Strangers" ruined my life for awhile.

    i giggled at your 9th grade drool story :)

    enjoy the rest of your snowy sunday. xo

  6. I saw paranormal activity and than had to go home to an empty house, I was so scared.

    Love the photos you guys did a great job of entertaining yourselves.

  7. the cutest pictures EVER!!! totally worth the lack of electricity;)

    i could NEVER watch that movie! i'm such a wuss.

  8. those photos are awesome! you guys are too cute. i think i'd go crazy w/o power. at least you had a parrot to entertain you....and a headress...and a cowboy hat and pistol :).

    and your drooling story is hillarious! it makes me happy. stuff like that is always so funny in retrospect, but never at the time.

  9. ahhhhhi love your pics... you don't post enough pics of yourself and seeing you and chris makes me happy! you are just such a pretty little thing! :-)
    how scary that your electricity went out after watching that movie - was it total cheese or realistic? i would totally watch it but dan isn't into it...
    your drool story is pretty funny, snow!
    xoxo gazillionbillioninfinitymuchomilliongrande!

    ps. how is your dad? email me when you get a chance love.

  10. That's such a funny story!
    I'm glad your power came back because I am loving your responses.
    PS you two are way too cute, seriously, it almost makes me want to have our power go out (almost).

  11. Thats great... I am always worried about heat in the winter with posey! She used to like playing under the covers, but now she doesn't really want to... and lately she has been fiesty and randomly bitey, I think she is checking her power. ha! you guys are too cute! glad you were entertained!

  12. Oh, I can imagine that it must have been terribly embarrassing at the time! But hey, it's those kinds of things that make life interesting!

  13. lol, that is pretty darn funny!
    but really, something similar happened to me too.

    loving these pics <3
    xo, Ella

  14. you two are too cute for words.

    i too have an embarrassing sleeping in class experience. although, mine was more recent and involves a film screening and me falling asleep and nearly jumping out of my skin when a loud noise in the film startled me awake. the two people next to me had quite a laugh.

  15. awe! you guys make an adorable couple.


  16. i'm in LOVE with these pictures!

  17. This post is soooo flippin cute!!
    I want my hubby to do silly stuff like that with me lol!!
    love it!!

  18. I love-love-love those pictures. :D

    I also drool in my sleep! My boyf finds this humorous, for some reason. *shrug*

    Oh, and I refuse to see "Paranormal Activity" because I am a big fat baby who won't be able to sleep for a WEEK if I do.

  19. those pictures are cute & corny & so perfect! i want your headdress.
    josh & i were cowboys & indians for halloween!


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