two things i love around my home

Before I get to the two things I'm loving, I wanted to thank everyone who joined the knick knack exchange! I finished sending all 68 emails last night with the name of address of your new exchange friend, so we can all look forward to a fun package in the mail!

The first item I love is actually two. I got the set of vintage tins from ebay about 4 years ago and I have them setting in my kitchen to hold sweetener for coffee. The second item is an antique hand mirror I have hanging in my bathroom. I love old mirrors, and this one was given to me by my father-in-law.

If you're a follower and you haven't yet entered the giveaway, be sure to do it!


  1. oooo, I love those tins! good find, tres magnific! um, I don't know if my email went through for the exchange... maybe it is just late?

  2. those tins are beautiful! they are so detailed and colorful. so pretty!

  3. Brittan, I just emailed you. AOL always acts screwy with my emails!

    Monica, thanks! I've got an obsession with vintage (everything) tins ;)

  4. i love love love the tins!

    and i love old mirrors! my gran has an old hand mirror with brush and comb and i covet it whenever i go over there... i love your pink one!

    wow, 68 emails! you were one busy lady!

    xoxo muchomilliongazillionbilliongrande!!!

  5. I love all of these! I especially love the mirror. Last year I posted about a store with lots of vintage mirrors hanging up ( and I've been wanting to do it ever since!

    PS Random question, and this might sound incredibly stupid but oh well, are we reciving our knick knacks from the same person we're sending them to? I'm assuming not since the email says we can keep it a secret....(now I feel like a total idiot haha)

  6. Oh I love the tins!! Looking forward to the exchange.

  7. you find the best things!!!
    those tins are gorgeous!

    that's even sweeter that our father-in-law gave you that mirror :)

    i'm so excited for the exchange- 68! that's awesome danielle.

  8. i love the colors of the tins! so pretty!

    thanks for organizing such a fun swap! i can't wait to send mine away!

  9. danielle why are all your things so pretty? and lovely?
    everything goes together pefectly. i love your style.
    68 emails! wow! im excited to package it up for alex!

  10. Brandi, I gave everyone a number and used to assign partners, that way it would be fair, and the first person you got paired with was your sister! I figured you already knew her pretty well, so I had to try again and give you someone else :)

    And thanks for the compliments! I like your style, too, and you tattoos on your guns make me want another one NOW!


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