paying it forward & exchange update

I know that there are a few emails regarding knick knack exchange partner info that didn't go through. They were all sent last night, so if you signed up and didn't receive an email, please let me know! You can email me at

Next on the list, I saw this fun pay it forward idea on Brittan's blog and decided to join! Details under the mailbox (it even has a little flag on the other side)!

How it works:

-I will make a little handmade something for the first 3 people who comment on this post and would like to play along.

-I have a year (365 days) to complete my mission and send off the goodies!

-There is no telling what the gift may be, or when it will show up, it's a mystery!

The fine print... Since this is "Pay It Forward," you, fair readers, must do as I have done and post a similar blog entry, thus paying the handmade goodness forward!


  1. so fun! i want to pay it forward!
    hopefully peeps addresses don't change within that year! ha! love this idea!

    xoxo majillionbillionguatrowatromillion!

  2. wait, did you make that mailbox?
    super duper cute!

  3. ...i'd like to pay it forward too. i didn't get an email either. or maybe i commented on the wrong post?


  4. I will more than happily pay it forward too!!! I wanna play!! lol!

  5. am man, hate that i was the 4TH one. lol of course.

    I LOVE the pay it forward idea. i did one a few months back... great idea!!!

  6. *aw man
    is what that shoudl have said.

    see i was SO disappointed ;)

  7. Yay, so glad to have you guys paying it forward! And I like that this one doesn't have a rapidly approaching deadline.

    Kassi, yes ma'am I did make the mailbox. I took the idea of the plastic mailbox from Lauren's blog and made into a fabric version!

  8. I am so excited you are playing along Danielle! It will be so fun! and I simply adore your little yellow mailbox, you should show the other side with the flag!

    little owl

  9. I missed it, but I am always up for a pay it forward.

  10. love love love this idea... so much i may have to join and start myself! so cute!!



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