fill in the blank friday

These always look like fun, and I always enjoy reading everyone's answers, so today I'm joining Lauren and everyone else who plays! If you decide to fill in the blanks, you can leave a link in the comments, or you you leave a link on Lauren's blog.

1. If I had two hours to myself today, I'd read, call my grandma and make something .
2. If I could travel anywhere today, I would go to California .
3. There's no one thing that I could say is my happiest memory.
4. Sometimes you're shy other times you're really outspoken .
5. Beauty is just being happy and confident with exactly who you are .
6. I would be embarrassed if anyone knew that I'm scared of the dark or that I drool a little when I sleep .
7. Love at first sight is kind of shallow .

I wanted to thank everyone who commented on my last post. It really means a lot that we don't technically "know" each other, but you still care enough to send your thoughts and prayers. I knew I had the best blogger friends a girl could ask for ♥


  1. they are fun and it's a good way to be acquainted with yourself.

    #3 and #7 were my fave answers. oh and the drooling- that made me giggle.

    blogger friends are wonderful aren't they? i'm glad to be know you xo

  2. great answers!
    come to cali - yes yes yes!
    i didn't have just one happiest memory either so i just went with one of my happiest... i have many!
    i am EXACTLY the same as number 4!
    i love your answer to 5.
    i had to laugh at 6... but really, who doesn't drool in their sleep?!
    7 made me laugh too... i experienced pretty close to love at first sight when i met dan... i didn't LOVE him but i absolutely knew without a doubt that he was going to be my husband. i just knew... it was crazy... two weeks later we were declaring our love, 5 1/2 mos after that we were engaged and 9 mos later married... almost seven years married and still going strong!

    hope your staying warm and enjoying movies with chris... :-)

    xo grandetrillionmaloozymillioninfinity!

  3. I'm scared of the dark too! Glad I'm not the only one :) And I'm totally guilty of drooling at times. haha

  4. We just went to California this past summer (my first time) it was magical! You should go :D

  5. our answers are so similar! i drool in my sleep too...i also slept with a night light till i was like i understand the dark thing. it's scary! :)

  6. i drool when i sleep too danielle.

    i sometimes do other embarassing things as well in my sleep...but that's for another story :).

    glad you played along and hope you're having a lovely day!


  7. I drool a bit too..shhhhh dont tell. Only when i am super tired. wink wink.

    Love at first sight is shallow...ha ha

    Have a great weekend.

  8. wonderful answers!
    especially the drooling... that made me crack a little smile :)

  9. kassi's right, who doesn't drool in their sleep? lol
    i agree with #5 :)
    happy monday!


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