friday's thrifting finds

Yesterday I did a little thrifting (and I wish I could have done it all day). On my list I had vintage cardigans, tan mid-calf suede boots and vintage frames. Well, I didn't find any of that. I still enjoyed my treasure hunt, and I came home with these three tops:

I love wearing thin stripes with dark skinny jeans and sandals in the summer. I was so excited to find this baby because it's a small size and fits like it was made for me. $3.

This next sweater I wasn't so sure about. I picked it up, set it down, picked it up, set it down, and finally decided to pick it up again! Like the last top, this sweater is an absolute perfect fit, and I love the knit details in the sleeves. I didn't get those moccasins in my hunting yesterday, instead I did a trade with the lovely Rachel of mere trifles on etsy, and I thought they'd look perfect with that sweater and distressed skinny jeans! Hooray for bartering! Sweater, $3.

The last thing is this tank top with smocking in the back. I was so excited when I saw this because I adore 1970's tanks, but I have the hardest time finding them! This little gem was handmade and will be worn before the weekend is over! I plan to pair it with a cream vintage cardigan, dark skinnies and brown suede ballet flats. Again, this is a small size (which I also have a hard time finding), and surprisingly it's almost a little tight in the chest which never happens, seeing as I'm the chairman of the IBTC! $2.50.

Ahhh, the healing powers of retail therapy! Have you done any thrifting lately or scored any unique treasures? The thrill of the hunt is almost like a drug, so now I'm just itching to go do some more hunting!


  1. I'm going to head out to some shops today, I need a frame for my boyfriend's Vday present....& I love those tops! You just inspired me :)

  2. That's are now my stylist. I love all of it and your outfit plans. I can't put things together. I always end up looking halfway there and sort of stupid. I can't put a look together. I like to many things and end up confused. HELP!! I ordered that dress from UO, but I got black and I got some black booties. See, I stick with black because I don't know how to venture off with anything else.

  3. Maddy, I hope you have luck finding a frame! I want to go back out today, but I just don't feel like getting ready or getting dressed. Lazy, I know!

    Kimberly, I don't want to hear it. You always look cute! I have a hard time doing much color or patterns, so I try to go small and pair it with something simple and neutral, that way I'm not too far out of my element! I'm glad you got the dress, and I can't wait to see pictures (that means you have to either send me some or post them)!

  4. wow, great finds! i especially love the red and white striped shirt! <3

  5. I love your findings!
    I'd go thrifting if I could too, but i haven't found a store quite like those in the US down here, in Arg. We do have used clothes stores, but the stuff you find in them aren't as cool as these! You're so lucky!

  6. I just love that sweet yellow sweater! I need a pair cute shoes like those...
    Happy Saturday and almost Valentines day friend!

  7. those are great finds! I tried to find some goodies today but didn't find anything too good...

  8. Ella, sometimes I think other places have better stuff, too. Maybe it the "grass is greener on the other side" syndrome!

    Lexy, I think I stopped breathing when I saw those shoes! I loved them, and the best part is that they're a size 5 which I almost never find! I can't wait to get them!

    Cole, sometimes I get lucky and find things (and there are two other things I want to go back and get), and other times I walk out empty-handed. Since thrift stores are cheap, I always like finding lots of isn't hard on my wallet!

  9. great finds danielle!
    i absolutely LOVE the first sweater... and that outfit sounds perfect for summer and spring too. very nautical and pretty!
    i love your other finds too... cute sweater and i love the tank. how cool that you were able to barter for the shoes!
    youz gotz skillz!


  10. i am jealous of that striped sweater! as a fellow wee person I agree it is so tough to find small clothing at thrift stores. I find lots of cute button ups in the boys section!

  11. there is nothing like good thrift finds!!!

    these are all very much you :) i love the detail on the sweater, so i'm glad you picked it up!

    and what a great barter.

    i found 2 really neat purses. I'll have to show them off sometime this week. You remember those old cigarette pouches ladies used to use? with the snap at the top? I found a big sized one i can use as a clutch :) it's brown and lovely.

  12. very very great finds! i own a vintage shop myself, but still love to go thrifting from different places. the other day i found a realy great 70s toy from a church thrift shop.. it's called the mini gravity graph. it's a drawing toy. i'll post it up on my blog soon and let you know when i do. have a great weekend!

    p.s. it's really crazy how we had some similar traits in the "7 things you dont know about me" haha great to know though!

  13. Oh love all your finds! Especially the top with the red stripes.

  14. Oh I love the shoes!! What great finds! xo

  15. i am aching to go thrifting.

    i love your finds.
    striped tops are my go to basic.

  16. Super cute finds! I love the jersey! it is adorable.

  17. Kassi, thanks! Now if summer and spring would actually get here, I could wear that outfit! I hope and Dan are having a happy Valentine's on your camping trip!

    Anna, that's so funny that you tell the boys that! For the most part, they'll believe anything we tell them about clothes!

    Micaela, I can't wait to see your finds! I always have the best luck at Goodwill in Madison Heights. Plus, the people are friendliest there. Is that where you go thrifting?

    Wicher, I'm a little jealous that you own a vintage shop! I wish my town had enough people interested so that I could, because I find some amazing vintage clothes and shoes, but most is too big for me.

    Ashlee, don't you know when I picked up that striped top, it made me think of you? Haha! I remembered that post you did a little while back with the red & white striped top! Now it's even better that it's Ashlee-approved because I like your style!

  18. i love your finds!
    yay for thrifting. wish i could have been there!
    and double yay for trading:)
    your photos are always so good do you use natural light?

  19. i'm glad you decided to get the 2nd sweater... it's uber cute!!

    and yay for moccasins! love them.. i have few pairs myself ;)

  20. IBTC members unite!


    love the first top...the red stripey-ness is so cute. i'm sure you'll look absolutely lovely in it. can't wait to see!

    happy valentine's day my dear!

  21. ooo such good finds! the red striped top especially! i need to find some good thrifting in dc!


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