wishlist wednesday!

I'm really loving these Wishlist Wednesday posts, but I have to admit, they're sort of a tease! When I start searching (mainly) Etsy and the good ole world wide web, I really want to own everything I see! Today's list is inspired by this most wonderful headdress my sweet friend Heather surprised me with!

I want to wear it all the time, and I've already decided - should I ever need to pull together a quick costume - exactly what I'll wear! I'm a woman obsessed!

From the top: vintage multi colored beaded moccasins from mere trifles, pure as the driven snow deer head by born an old soul, poncho t by thief and bandit, gold antler necklace by miss mouse, vintage boho suede purse with fringe from eclectic infusion, feathers lariat by red poppy accessories.

If you'd like to join and share your own wishlist, link back to this blog from your post and share a link to your list in the comments section!

And I need your help because I'm completely indecisive! Which shape do you like best for hoop earrings? Circle, heart, square, teardrop or something else?


  1. i loved chatting with you last night. we'll have to plan it again! and we will find a way to do it all together!
    you are the cutest thing. seriously.
    i like hoops or teardrop... not too big... smallish. but anything and everything you make is gorgeous!
    i hope you share with us what you're making!

    xo quadrogazillionbilliontrillionmuchogrande!

  2. I loved chatting, too, and I so hope all four of us can do it!
    I can't be the cutest thing because YOU are the cutest thing! And your little mini Kassis, they're too cute! Tayli was so cute when you kept telling her to sing!
    I've really got to get stuff made, I feel lazy, but I don't have any ideas (that's why I needed help)!
    Hope you're having a good day!

    xoxo trilliongazillioninfinity cubed!

  3. I like tear drop the best. And I'm crazy for that Thief and Bandit poncho tee.

  4. I have been wanting a headdress! I saw one last summer in a gift shop up in Lake George NY..me thinks I will purchase it this summer!

  5. loving the poncho T and feathers necklace <3

    answering the comment you left on my blog:
    to change "comments" to "whatever you want to change it to", you have to go to Layout -> Click on the "Blog Entries" box (it could say sth similar, i have it in spanish, and this is me trying to translate it for you) -> there you'll see Options (...) -> There'll be a 5 with a box beside it that says Comments. -> Write whatever you want in there, save and voilĂ !
    You'll now see that it doesn't say Comments anymore, but Whateveryouwroteinthelittlebox!

    Hope you can understand it, and hope it helps.
    Ella <3

  6. I love that headdress on you :) i am the kind of girl that couldn't pull it off, but you make it look effortless.

    i love that t and feather necklace!

    i like old fashioned circles & hearts would be fun.

    i'll come back and visit when i get my wishlist up xo

  7. i could explore etsy sops FOREVER but i try not to because it just makes me want everything.

    i love the gold antler necklace! gold _____{fill in the blank} necklaces are my FAVE!

    circle hoops! i'm loving them again. but teardrop is a close second!

    and i can't get over how cute that picture of you in the headdress is!!

  8. ok, that antler necklace is really sweet.
    I'd probably go with teardrop or circle hoops.

  9. loving your indian wishlist!! i did my own here: http://whatannaloves.blogspot.com/2010/02/wednesday-wishlist.html

    it is super random and has no theme (besides awesomeness of course).

  10. Oh I love love that necklace and the shoes!! Goodness, all I have to do is read your wish list Wednesday posts and Bam... I want everything too!! Hope your day has been wonderful!! xo

  11. Hi, I just found your blog today and I love it! The antler necklace is very pretty! And, I like teardrop hoops the best.

  12. that was fun! i just did mine inspired by the word quirky.


  13. Michael, you should definitely get a headdress the next time you go by that shop. I serisouly don't know how I managed to live 27 years without one!

    Thanks Anna and Micaela for leaving links, I'm going to look at your finds right now!

    Also, thanks so much for letting me know which style hoop you like! I hate waste the goldfill or silver just playing around, so I sort of wanted a direction!

  14. I loooooove that headress, you are the cutest couple!!! This wishlist wednesday was just what I needed, I have really been having a crappy couple of days and it made me feel much better!

  15. that suade bag is wonderful! and so are classic circle hoops!

  16. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ive been looking at those feather necklaces but somewhere else...strange!
    and the other necklace on here! i need! omg!!!!
    i need i need!!!
    thank you for this post! ima check these out now!
    you are so cool!

  17. Brandi, I LOVE those gold feathers you sent me a link to! I'm definitely more of a gold person than silver (I think because gold looks more 1970's to me). And I soooo want that antler necklace, but since it's $160, I think it'll just have to be a lusted item.

    You're the coolest little Texan I ever did meet!
    xoxo muah!

  18. Wow what an amazing headdress! Your friend must be awesome. I love that necklace by Miss Mouse, I think I've had one sat in my etsy favourites for ages now! I'm not sure about the earrings because I don't wear them too often but hearts sound interesting!

  19. Wow, that headdress is almost too much for a Rachel to handle. I've been searching for one for quite some time but I can't seem to find one that's affordable and awesome both at the same time.
    Also, I vote for square hoops.
    Thanks for posting my shoes!
    xx Rachel

  20. i just wanted to say that i am appalled by this post. i am 100% Cherokee, and these things are sacred to me. it is not a costume to be mocked and mimicked. it is a sacred headdress that is worn for different ceremonies. this offends me, and is totally inappropriate.


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