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I love my dad. A lot. More than words could express. I have some things involving my dad weighing heavily on my mind, and I wish I could just bear hug him and not let go. I wish I could fix everything so that he'd never have a moment of sadness in his life. This "pretty" post is inspired by my dad, the man who can make me laugh like no one else, and the funniest, craziest, most awesome person on the planet!

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Daddy images from weheartit.


  1. i was seriously gonna say "your dad look like Lennon." but then i realized that these are numerous daddy photos haha

    that last one is epic.

  2. this is wonderful.
    i love my dad so much! and lately {well always} he's been helping me out so much!
    i just sent him an email telling him i love him because of this post! {i don't tell him enough!}! thanks for the inspiration and for this beauitful post!

  3. oh, Danielle! I love this post!!! My dad passed almost 10 years ago, and it is nice to have an extra reminder to think about him eventhough I miss him terribly! He was wonderful!!!
    ...little owl

  4. These are all so sweet! I love my dad a lot and I'm so lucky to be able to spend time with him every day.

  5. i'm praying for your dad... whatever it is that is weighing on your heart...
    i adore my dad too.. he may not be the best at other relationships... but he's the best dad ever, and for that i'm grateful. i love these photos... the last one of the dad throwing the kid on the bed totally reminds me of dan with the girls... too cute.

    i heard you were suppose to get quite a bit of snow today... stay warm, stay safe. love you much and think of you often my pretty friend.

    xo grandemajillionmuchobillioninfinity!

  6. Aww, these are the sweetest ever! Love my dad so much! he's my hero!


  7. Gwendolyn, that's funny! My dad actually looks nothing like John Lennon!

    Chelsea, that's so sweet that you sent your dad the email. I think I might send my dad one tonight just because :)

    Brittan, I'm so sorry about your dad, but at least you got to have him for the time you did.

    Cole, I wish I got to see my dad everyday! I'm sure we'd be giggling the entire time!

    Kassi, thank you so much, that really means a lot. It even made me a little teary (but pretty much anthing regarding my dad will do that today). Yeah, we're scheduled for more snow and ice (I hate the ice), which means I'd better plan a CA vacation pretty soon to get a shot of warm weather!
    xoxo gillionmillionzillioninfinity

  8. i love this post! i love my dad too, and i took him for granted when i lived closed to him....and now that i am far away i realize that. thanks for sharing. praying for your family....whatever it may be that is weighing on your heart

  9. me too. to all of it. dads are the best. and when something is wrong or can't be fixed it a new kind of defeat to deal with. my dad has his tests tomorrow to make sure all his cancer is gone. i am a nervous mess. i hope whatever is going on with your dad,gets all worked out.

  10. danielle, i believe in the power of prayer, so you have mine. Know that. The part where you said you wished you could fix everything so that he'd never have a moment of sadness in his life... that part just made me cry.

    I'm homesick, so everything seems to make me cry these days (and i can't sleep... see the time?) but this post was so endearing.

    i pray comfort for you and hope.

    and i'll leave you with this quote about father's that i gave my pappa on his past birthday:

    "It's only when you grow up, and step back from him, or leave him for your own career and your own home—it's only then that you can measure his greatness and fully appreciate it."

    - Margaret Truman

  11. what a lovely post. these daddy pictures are great.

    you and whatever is going on with your dad will be in my thoughts and prayers.


  12. i love my daddy~
    im totally a daddy's girl.
    love this post.
    ill be praying for your dad, i cant stand when my dad is stressed or sad.

    did you design your own blog page?

  13. You found some excellent photos! How awesome is the last one with the kid in mid air? Now that looks fun! I wish I could hug my dad today too!

  14. Ah! Dads! What would we do without them?

  15. This post makes me want to go give my dad a bear hug. I hope everything works out for you and your dad. *hug*

    P.S.) I got your package in the mail today from my etsy order and I'm about to open it up. Sooo excited to wear my new feather earrings. :D

  16. I love everything about this post, including its name! Dads are fantastic, I love mine! I hope whatever is going on gets better ASAP :)

  17. awww i loveee this post! i wish i could find a way to feel closer to my dad. i lovee him so much.
    the pictures you found are amazing.

    i'm praying for you both:)

  18. I was having a good day and now I want to cry!!!

  19. it sounds like you have a wonderful relationship with him! it's so sweet! sending positive thoughts your way for whatever is going on!

  20. Oh what I would give to be able to wrap my arms around my Dad and tell him just one more time how much I love him.
    I miss him so much. It will be 6 years this summer since he died.

    Ladies squeeze your Daddies tight.


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