two things i love around my home

Time for another round of Kassi's "two things I love around my home!" I really should be mopping the floors instead of blogging, but let's face it, this is more fun! I do have a load of laundry in, I did some picking up around the house, I took a walk, sewed and bag and actually cleaned up my fabric pile (!!!) so it's not like today has been a total waste, even if I don't get my mopping done.

My first item is an old oriental style tin from Holland (don't ask me how that happened). I got it I guess about 7 or 8 years ago at my favorite antique/junk store in downtown Lynchburg. It holds earrings, rings, charms...that sort of thing. I have it setting on a pile of books on a shelf by my bed.

The next item is an old (1950's) wide-eyed fawn. My grandma gave me the pair (yes, it has a twin, but only one is setting out) back before Christmas. She's the knick knack queen, and lately she's been saying that if we see anything we want, tell her so she can give it to us. I told her a while back that if she ever wanted to get rid of that set of fawns, they'd have a good home with me. I was so happy I got them, and I know they are truly old because she said they've been around for one hundred years (she's also the exaggeration queen). They sit on another stack of books by my bed. I have lots of book stacks around my house (maybe I'll count them one day). I just love reading! If you want to join, you can link up on Kassi's blog.

And how funny is aunt mentioned me on her blog and referred to me as a "fashionista!" Haha, she's sweet, but I'm just a mess that took a while to put together, certainly not in the know fashion-wise! Well, it was sweet, and it made me laugh!

Also, because I'm not just in love with myself and my own creations, and because I know a lot of you lovely readers are pretty crafty yourself, I'd like to include some of your projects in my weekly "what I've been working on" posts. Just send me a picture (or more than one) and description to so I can include you! If you're not ready to join this week, that's okay, I do the post every week!


  1. I love that tin! So intricate and beautiful...

  2. The tin is lovely. I love when knick knacks have stories behind them especially like the one behind your fawns.

  3. Pretty tin and I think I remember those fawns!

    Sophie!!! I miss her!!! I haven't read Twenties Something Girl yet. I need to get back on track or she'll have another book out. I'm usually waiting on her!

  4. i looove the wide-eyed fawn :)
    look at it's lashes.

    i giggled when you said she's also the "exaggeration queen."

    i'm looking forward to your "what I've been working on" posts. Only wish I was crafty :)

    ps. the craddock terry hotel was GORGEOUS. When Max suggested DC, i told him we could save money by doing a "staycation." (plus with all the snow in DC) I'm still new here so all the bed and breakfast spots would be fun and new to me... of course he compromised between the two ;) it was a lot of fun! a perfect valentine as engaged people.

  5. Yelena, the detailing on the tin is really pretty, and looks so much better in person that the camera can show.

    Megan, I also love the knick knacks with stories, especially when they're from Grandma!

    Kim, you should remember those fawns! I've been eyeballing them for years! She's set them on her entertainment center (with 3,000 other knick knacks). Twentie's Girl is good, get on it!

    Micaela, if only you knew my grandmm. That's about all I can say without writing a book! And yes you are crafty, I saw those cards you made! I'm glad you and Mr. Micaela had a nice stay. DC is definitely fun, but it'll still be there when the snow melts and it's warm enough to actually enjoy it!

  6. i love love love that tin! and i love how you have placed it on books!
    and your fawn is so sweet... i have fawn book ends from the 50's and i love them. so sweet


    ps. no capt morgans for me.... that's all dan! ;-)

  7. I love your tin. So beautiful. I love also Sophie Kinsella and I have read all of her books. I am hoping always that she will come with another book soon as I get so attached to the characters. I love the little fawn; so adorable. I will send you an email of what I am working on. Actually, I just finished it this morning. Have a good week! Take care.

  8. my dad bought mt a tin like that at an auction, i used to hide "secrets" in it! that fawn is darling!! big eyed deer may be a new obsession of mine.

  9. Kassi, I bet your bookends are super cute. I love any deer type decor from the 50's.
    xoxo infinitycubedtimesmillions

    Catherine, I'm so obsessed with Sophie it isn't even funny! I think my favorite characters of hers are Jack and Emma from Can You Keep a Secret. I wish she'd write another book about them and their relationship! The flower necklace you sent a picture of is GORGEOUS! You are so talented!

    Anna, I wish there were more auctions around here because they always have good stuff on the cheap. I love your idea of hiding secrets! It reminds me of the "secret booth" at a crazy art gallery in Greensboro, NC.

  10. Oh my goodness I love that little fawn!
    Is Twenties Something Girl good? I haven't read any fluffy books lately, maybe it's time for one.

  11. oh ps...I have a huge stack of books next to my bed too! I keep meaning to blog about them, haha!

  12. why are you so awesome!
    you grammy and your aunt sound funny.
    those fawns adorable id be scared id break one. i have broken so many glass items from my childhood:(
    i hope you have a wonderful night!
    and i cant wait to see what your working on

  13. that fawn is AMAZING! and how great that it came from your grandma.

  14. you have had stylists be rude to you!!!!!! OMG! thats not ok! im sorry my dear!

  15. Beautiful tin and cute fawn! Love it!

    I want to have something to love in my home, but such a little space, with already so many things from my aunt, I don't have anything that's mine to show. One day...

  16. i love your little fawns!

    and i love that you have so many sophie kinsella/madeline wickham books. i love her! such great beach reads :).

    oh...and i just sent you an e-mail with a project!

  17. umm...i think it's awesome your aunt has a blog! you have cute things around your home!


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