my friday so far...

Today has been a pretty typical Friday for me with one exception. Before I left the office, a state trooper (they're our office neighbors) came in and asked, "does 'BIRD GAL' belong to someone here?" Side note, that's my license plate which shouldn't surprise you! When I told him it was me, he said that my back right tire was almost flat, so I went out to look and saw a screw stuck in it! Chris was nice enough to come and put on the spare so I didn't have to get my pretty dress dirty, hehehe. I got that fixed and celebrated with a big bag of chips!

You know how I told you a few posts back that I did a trade with Rachel of Mere Trifles for these moccasins? Well I got the moccasins (and they're super cute so I'll show you pics sometime soon) and on top of the moccasins was this pretty wallet! GAH, I'm in love! I switched wallets right away, and I get a little smile every time I see it because I'm just so in love with vintage floral patterns!

Right now I've got cinnamon raisin bread baking, and I think it'll be ready at about 11pm, but until then, I'll pig out on pizza!

Tomorrow I'll be doing the "what I've been working on" post, and some of your favorite bloggers are playing along, so you'll be able to see what they're working on as well. I'm excited to have them joining in!

Have you done anything special today? Do you have any big weekend plans?


  1. Today we traveled to Charleston, SC for Matt's air force reserve weekend... a loooong day in the car. That wallet is super adorable, I would definitely pick that out if I saw it somewhere. Lucky!

  2. I know, I love it! I was so excited and surprised that I got it!

    Have fun in SC!

  3. it rained here, and the lights went off. the entire building was left w/o lights for hours! so we played "burako" by the candlelight. it was surreal :P
    if the weather allows it, i'm going to a big fair tomorrow, kinda like your thrifting stores up there in the states, so i'm excited! (it's outdoors, that's why, if it rains, i won't be going).

  4. Ella, it's a good thing you were able to have fun with no power, because sometimes it can be a bad experience!

    I'm jealous of your fair, I wish we had something like that here! I hope it doesn't rain so you can go and have fun!

  5. cute cute wallet!
    sorry to hear about the tire... glad chris fixed it for you though.
    we have no weekend plans
    but last night i went to a blogger party - i amazed myself at going since i get so anxious to meet new people... but i ended up having a great time!
    hope your weekend is lovely my friend.

  6. Hey Danielle....I got an email today from a lady who said she got my name in the knick knack exchange. I never got a name though. I have emailed you twice and never heard from you, so I assumed I wasn't in it. Email me at and fill me in! Thanks!!

  7. Lindsay, I just sent you a message via Facebook since you aren't receiving my emails.

  8. I hate car issues and since i'm always driving all over the state (it feels like it) there is always something wrong with my tires. I'm with about the ironing bit. Every little wrinkle must be killed. I can't wait to see what you are working on. -k

  9. Adorable wallet! super cute.It is the coolest I have seen. I like that you celebrated with a bag of chips. I got a flat tire a long time ago in Spain in the middle of nowhere. Fortunately, my stepmother figured it out how to change the tire. When we arrived at the destination, we celebrated with a ice-cream in a biscuit cone; at least 4 different flavor per person; we got carried away. I love the name of your license plate; so poetic.
    This weekend, we are in Fort Lauderdale; catching up some sun as in NYC, it is so cold. The water of the ocean is a little bit cold so we are hanging out by the pool. We watched the Olympics. I love to watch snowboard and downhill ski. Take care:0)


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