two things i love around my home

I know the title says two things, but since I'm the boss of this blog, I've decided to add three because they're all equally special! These three things were given to me by my dad and stepmom, and I just love them, especially the second one!

The first cage is metal and wood with folk art painting, and it even has a tray that slides out for handy cleaning! The second (my favorite) is brass with a swinging green parrot inside. The third is all wood, and I added the vintage feathered bird.

Last, do you remember how I had something really interesting to tell you about a chair my grandma has? Well, here's the story... A friend of my Granny Maude's (my grandma's mom) just disappeared. No one knows if he died, was murdered, etc., he was just gone. When the man's son was going through the his possessions, he decided to give this chair to Granny Maude. She thought it was the ugliest thing she'd ever seen, so she gave it to my grandma. I think we've all had our pictures taken in this chair over the years, and everyone has wondered where it came from since it's so unique. My dad and stepmom finally decided to take it to a high end antiques dealer to get more info. They discovered it came out of a castle, is from royalty (not king, but duke or count), was commissioned most likely for the children, is from England, was made from hand in the early 1800's, is one of a set of probably 10 or 12, and at first glance could be worth $15,000 or more. Crazy right?!?!? My dad got in touch with an antique furniture dealer in England who is going to study it more to provide some more details, so I can't wait!

If you want to play the two things game, go link up on Kassi's blog. I'll have pictures of my fun antiquing day coming Thursday, and I can't wait to share them!


  1. Oh I love the top birdcage. The perfect thing for you to collect.
    That story is amazing!

  2. love the birdcages!
    second and third ones especially.
    and how cool about that chair! i can't wait to hear what the antique dealer guy says!
    is that the top of the chair pictured at the bottom?
    i saw some of your antiquing pictures on your facebook... meant to comment but got distracted... you and your dad are seriously so cute! and is that your grandma in the pics? cute cute.

  3. Kassi, that's the top part of the chair, the back, rather. The legs are sort of spiral (like that twisted candy on a stick) and painted black and gold.

    Hahaha, my dad is funny, and he hams it up for the camera. I have some more pictures of a few things I thought were neat. Yes, that's my grandma! She's the one I'm so close to and always talking about.

    xo infinity times millions cubed

  4. LOVVVVVVE the birdcage! Especially the second one. Adorable.
    That story is so cool about the chair!

  5. Your birdcages are fantastic and that chair is crazy! I love to watch Antiques Roadshow and this is so something you would see. $15,000 or more is insane!

  6. I love the second birdcage!
    The chair is great too, all of my grandparents were antiques dealers but dealt in Early American furniture so I love learning the history of unique pieces.

  7. i love these bird cages!!! so you, Bird Gal ;) i really love that 2nd one. Your dad and stepmom are fabulous for doting on you so fabulously!

    CRAZY about that chair. Ooh do keep us posted :) i wonder whatever happened to Granny's friend? interesting.

  8. Oh wow! Just gorgeous! And such a great story!

  9. i love all of your little bird cages. they're very "danielle" :).

    i really want to go take a trip to cali, but i don't know how the hubs will feel about the expense :(. we'll see. keep your fingers crossed cause i really want to meet all of you guys!

  10. Amazing! I just got my first birdcage (of what I hope to be many) for christmas and I just love it! Still working on how its fitting in with my house but its great to look at!
    Love that second one!

  11. what an amazing story (regarding the chair).

    and amazing birdcages too!

  12. so sweet! I have a bird cage with a plant inside. There's something about the old-world feel of bird cages that is so lovely! :)

  13. that is so incredibly neat about the chair!
    what a special piece. :)
    be sure to share the new information you find!
    how cool.

    i love birdcages, too.
    just for decoration currently, as i don't have a bird.
    but i have these two beautiful antique white cages that my aunt kathy gave to me.


  14. ahh i love your birdcages!! when i was in china i would see tons of "antique" ones everywhere! if only i'd had a way to get it back home...

    as for that chair story...whoa amazing! good thing you guys held on to it, no!?

  15. I love those.
    I had to do some running around yesterday for work and I say the cutest birdcages at West Elm (super pricey). The first thing that popped into my head was this post and flojo haha, is that weird?


  16. such cute birdcages!! pretty neat about that chair, WOW, crazyness.


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