the giveaway...a day late

Okay, I know I said that I'd do another giveaway on Saturday to celebrate the 100 (now 107) followers mark, but I got a little behind. Blame it on the snow, blame it on the phones not working (thus, no internet), blame it on me being lazy, it's all true! So here it is, and it's only open to followers since I think you're the best!

The first half of the giveaway is a bit of bright and sunny vintage to liven up the dull winter. A vintage apron with pretty floral pockets, and a sunny yellow dutch shoe planter.

The second half of this giveaway is handmade at the dinosaur toes factory. Since these citrine earrings seemed to be a favorite, I figured I'd include them! Also included is a fabric poppy flower poppy bobby pin.

All you have to do to enter (aside from being a follower of this blog) is leave a comment with a random fact about yourself, doesn't matter what it is! I'll use to select a winner on Monday, February 8. This giveaway is open to international followers, too!

I'll send the partner info for the knick knack exchange in the morning, and I wanted to thank everyone who participated; you've made this a huge success, and I'm hoping everyone enjoys it!


  1. ok...random fact (if you didn't already read it at some point on my blog):

    i HATE squirrels. as in i am completely irrationally afraid of them. don't know why. just am.

    and i am keeping my fingers crossed for this giveaway because those earrings are AMAZING! you are so talented danielle!

  2. THIS is a wonderful giveaway!!! i love that flower bobby pin and the sunny vintage apron!! i love it all!
    so random fact about me is i am longing for my nose to be pierced. but i just can't seem to save enough money or get enough guts to do it!!

  3. Random Fact: I love mature cheese. So much so I could eat a whole block of cheese.

    Brilliant giveaway, your always so imaginative! <3


  4. Awh boy, such a pretty giveaway! Can't wait for the knick knack exchange too, it's going to be awesome :D

    My random fact isn't very random, it is just that I have two different coloured eyes; a brown and a blue. It is called Heterochromia and I think I'll go my entire life without ever knowing why this was bestowed upon me!

  5. random fact: (although gross) i pick my scabs.

    its this obsessive thing where once i feel i have a scab i HAVE to pick it.
    if i ignore it it bothers me and its all i think about haha

    crazy i know!

    and about that post secret thing, i think every guy would think their lady sent that one in LOL

  6. Random fact about me: i have never tasted ketchup in my entire life (or maybe that's just what I think)

    I so love those giveaways! i so love yellow!


  7. omg omg i want this SO badly!!

    random fact: my favorite show of all time is Friends, and ive seen every episode at least 10 times.

  8. ...what a lovely giveaway, thank you for including me :)

    Random Fact: Yesterday morning I had a dream I backed into a brand new Porche!! Eek! Than I drove off with a friend in my car. I was freaking out in my dream.. why did I speed off? I kept thinking.. I should go back! Leave a note on the windshield. I remember thinking, "Oh man, my husbands going to kill me!!!". So I finally drove back and the Porche was gone! Then driving through town, I felt like the whole city knew what I did!!

    So weird... the things we dream about! lol

    Hope you are doing well, dear friend ;) kiss those little dinosaur toes for me ;)


  9. This is such a wonderful giveaway, um random fact I only ate Indian for the first time 6 months ago. Gee was i missing out.

  10. i just got super excited when i saw that apron. It is made from the same fabric as my childhood blankie (aka my "feelie") not gonna lie, i still sleep with it occasionally & i'm 27. my boyf has learned to live with it. awesome giveaway!!

  11. What an awesome giveaway :) Love how the yellow really pops! Random fact: I have a fascination with maternity dresses, the big, billowy kinds, and I am looking forward to costume parties or Halloween when I can pretend that I'm pregnant and wear a maternity dress :)

  12. Oh, Danielle! I am so excited to enter in this totally AWESOME giveaway!!! you are SOOO talented! I especially love the yellow apron and the hair pin! (of course I am hoping to win, he he he!)

    ok, random fact about me, hmmm, lets see... um, well, I really like texture, like alot, it feels so good on my fingertips... I especially like to touch and feel paintings when I look at them (not so good when I go to museums)! But I hate sticky things, like orange juice on my hands... I think my sister is similar, too. She (and I both) like the feeling that sock ribbing make when they are tight on your lets and leave their ripple marks...

    ok I am a total nerd! Have a good one everyone!

  13. *not tight on your lets, its supposed to be legs... ha ha

  14. random fact about me...
    I´m taller than my big brother, but smaller than my dad...
    super random :D

    these giveaways are the best

  15. Hmmmmm... a random fact? I have so many of them. HA!

    I have four, yes four granddaughters! 13,12,7, and baby Braelyn who just turned 1. Hoping one of them has the creative gene. :)

    Awesome giveaway!

  16. Random fact: I am an only child!

    love that planter and the apron, so cute!

  17. yay! this stuff is so much fun! can't wait to win...hahaha

    my random fact is....i can't stand the smell of cat food! i want to gag right now thinking about it!

  18. Wow! I love everything! :) Umm, I guess a random fact about me is that I am the biggest history geek ever. I hope to be a history teacher someday, and I am so pumped. Great giveaway!!!

    Eden :)

  19. let's see, random college i was a viewpoints editor for the student newspaper!

    this give away is amazing...hand made and vintage! i love. xox

  20. Another awesome giveaway! I think you do the best ones. ♥

    Random fact...hmmm...
    When I was 8, or so, I had a black cat named Prince. While on vacation he and our other cat disappeared (don't know if they ran away or died or what), but every time I've seen a black cat from then to now, especially if it's in my old neighborhood, I always think it's Prince...I miss that kitty.

  21. This is such an awesome giveaway!

    My random fact: Green Beans are my least favorite veggie. I really hate them.

    PS I drove by a place called Casa de Parrot this weekend and thought of you. Lately between Flojo, BrittanButterfly's Posie, & my mom's two parrots I've been wanting one.

  22. loving this giveaway! :)

    um, random fact...
    i had a pet squirrel (sorry, lauren. haha.) when i was about four.
    i was at my friend kelsey's house and we were playing on her tire swing, and something fell out of the tree.
    we went and got an old coffee can and put some nature stuff in it, and put the little baby squirrel inside.
    my mom came to get me and she said i could keep it!
    he only lived for a couple of days, but he was so cute and sweet and i loved him.

  23. random fact... i'm addicted to kashi bars - sometimes i eat them for every meal.

    i love this giveaway - everything about it!
    praying picks my number! ;-)


  24. Congrats on 107!!! Ok random fact... two years ago I hated to cook, and my roommate and dear friend would cook for me.... this is totally random because now I can't get enough of baking, and creating in the kitchen. I really don't know what happened one day it just hit me. I love love this giveaway and that apron would be wonderful to have, and those earrings so great!! XO

  25. i've enjoyed reading everyone's randomness :) and giggled.

    random fact about me: i hardly ever wear matching socks. patterned sock with a regular white one or both different patterns. i am a scatterbrain and my dryer is always hungry that i can never keep two pairs of socks for long. i wonder where lost socks go? because you would find a lot of mine. ;)

    j'adore the bright and sunny vintage apron. I think i might be more inspired to cook if it meant wearing this apron. my fiance might like that. lol

    so that's where those earrings have been hiding! great idea/addition to your cutesy giveaway.

    CHEERS to us followers xo

  26. Ohhh, what pretty yellow! Just to brighten my day! I can't wait for the knick knack exchange.
    Random fact...
    When I did have cable, I secretly loved watching American Gladiator... i know, silly. I always thought it would be fun to do the show.

  27. Those vintage Dutch items are the best!! I was engaged in Amsterdam and those stunning yellow items bring me right back to that memory!

    My random fact... I can't for the life of me work those plastic wrap containers (you know the rolls with the little sharp cutting edge?) I always goof them up! Good thing I don't need that skill for something else ;)

    Happy more than 100 followers!!

  28. Hey love!
    I awarded you with a blog award on my blog, pop on over and have a looksie! :)

  29. Random fact: Love. Love. Love Korean dramas and I am not Korean. :)

    love this giveaway.

  30. Those earrings are BEE-U-TIFUL! Ok random fact....

    The sound of someone clipping fingernails makes me see red.

    I know. Its weird.

  31. random fact...hmm....i can't eat m&m mcflurrys from mcdonalds hardly ever because i was eating one when i found out my great grandma died. i have weird food associations.

    and that apron is awesome. i've been looking for one since i've destroyed most of my clothes while cooking lately lol :)

  32. Random fact: I stick my tongue out slightly when I'm really concentrating, like while grading papers or doing a complex math equation. It makes my boyf laugh. :p

  33. Wow! Awesome giveaway! I am crossing my fingers.
    Well, I love gummy bears. Actually, I feel like I am a kid at heart since whenever I see cartoons on a package of crackers (especially Cheez-it) at the supermarket, I have to have it. Have a good day!:0)

  34. holy awesomeness....i say just pick me and dont hassle with the random picker thing...haha...
    um random fact...i can curl my tongue into a clover.

  35. Nice items! ok a random fact... I own over 350 DVD's. Films are a slight obsession!

  36. hi i still sleep with my teddy bear snuggles from whn i was a baby!
    cant wait to send my person their package! its gonna be fun!
    i love this giveaway its super cute!!!! I WANT THOSE EARRINGS!!!

  37. Both parts of this give away are beautiful! I must admit though, I'm eying those earrings & I don't usually wear them, but I'd wear those ALL the time. Hmmm, random fact about me???

    I have a serious addiction to magazines. I have certain one's I subscribe to and I only allow myself to keep up to one year of each before I recycle them, because otherwise the addiction would be more like hoarding.

  38. Oh my! Great giveaway!!! I love it all!!

    A random fact..hmmm...I pierced my belly button 3 times..twice I did it myself and once I got it done..

    Pick me!

  39. random fact: i'm argentine, but i blog in english.

    i'm also wondering if this is open to international followers, because i'd love to enter :) the prizes are super cute!


    ella_press AT

  40. here is my random fact:

    i married a dutch boy who tried to buy me an apron for christmas but it was all sold out!! i've been on the hunt to find a different one ever since. this is a perfect giveaway for this girl! ;)

    eee! i hope i win!!!

  41. Random (and somewhat gross) fact - I don't have a gag reflex. Unless I'm drunk.

  42. Lovely giveaway! My random fact is that I went into a brothel turned gift shop called House of Joy on Sunday. It had all burlesque art. Very interesting!!

  43. Random fact: My birthday is the day of the giveaway! February 8th!

    What a great birthday present that would be. ;)

    Great blog by the way!

  44. i love that apron. holy shit.

    did you know that when i was little i was really pigeon-toed and used to get strapped into bed at night in an effort to correct it? it didn't really work. it mostly just screwed up my back. yay!

  45. fun giveaway!!! how exciting! i favorited it in my reader so i could come back & enter when i have more time...& i'm so happy i remembered to come back!
    those earrings are especially amazing!

    i'm excited about the knick knack swap too! you are too cool:D


  46. aaaah! i got so excited i forgot my random fact.

    ummm i'm about to run my 3rd 1/2 marathon & i still can't believe i can call myself a runner!

  47. random fact: I just ate more rainbow chip cake and im addicted!


  48. I'm a newbie here, but wow!

    factoids...I'm obsessed with pink, paper and petals. I love clean cold sheets. I secretly want to just fly somewhere, anywhere without knowing where I'm going, but this would damage my rep of being completely non-spontaneous.

  49. Love this giveaway:)
    randon fact about me I have three beautiful little girls and although i'm supposed to be done having kids I still really want my baby boy.....

  50. Lovely giveaway ! (:

    Random fact about me is I am obsessed with using antibacterial sanitizer gel. :/ I carry a small bottle with me in my purse aha !! :P

    eep, hope i win !



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