pretty: tattoos

Okay, okay, I know that tattoos aren't accepted by all, but I really love them. I really do. I tried to talk Chris into getting me (or rather paying for) a new tattoo for Valentine's, but he's not having it. Until I'm branded next, I'll just admire other people's ink.

All images found at we heart it, except the last one, that's mine. No need to fear, I'm not threatening anyone, I just took the picture to use in a post about the bullet necklaces. Do you have any tattoos, and what/where are they? Tomorrow I'll show you what I've been working on in the dinosaur toes factory.


  1. ooh so what is your tattoo? :)

    i personally like them! i have 3 but all places that i can hide:

    i have a butterfly on my hip, a fairy on my lower back, and possibly my favorite one ever is on my left foot, a small japanese character for "heaven"- a gift from my twin and it hurt worse of all but is my favorite.

    my first one was in austin on 6th street for my 18th birthday. the second one was a graduation gift to myself. they all mean something and I don't think i'll ever change my mind about them.

    i've been wanting to get another one but Max doesn't like them at all. lol so i'm there with you... admiring until i can get a new one, though i'm not sure where i'd put it so it could be hidden?

  2. Micaela, I'll post oa picture of my tattoo. It's a feather and it's on my wrist. It's the only one I have, but I want two more. I want one that says "dinosaur toes" in old style fancy font below my pitter on my left arm, and I want another one that is an old style wavy banner that reads, "mon coeur appartient aux oiseaux" (which means my heart belongs to the birds) across one of my feet.

    Chris actually doesn't like tattoos, so he'd be happy if I never got the first one! Oh well.

    My brother came with me to get my feather. He's got a partial sleeve on his left arm, one that takes up the majority of his right bicept and another one that takes up most of his right forearm.

  3. i am in love with the first one for sure!!!!
    get one get one!!

  4. i have a stupid tramp stamp of a sun with a moon... i drew it up and got it done while i was 18 and staying in san diego with my then boyfriend. it's lame and i absolutely hate it.
    i've been wanting more for years and dan and i always go to tattoo parlors and then chicken out at the last minute. i just can't decide where on my body i want it... i love the wrist and arm but then i think of how it'll look when i'm 80...
    i'm one of those people who really admire people who can pull off sleeves and/or has pretty and unique tattoos but at the same time i love people who have beautiful skin free of any ink.
    both are beautiful to me... probably why i can never decide.

    i love your feather tattoo and brandi's too.

    xo muchomillionbillioninfinity

  5. Brandi, I love your big feather! I wanted mine much bigger, but I compromised (since Chris didn't want me to get it at all) and went small.

    Kassi, I'm glad I didn't get on when I was younger because I think I would have probably gotten one I wouldn't like now. I'm like you, I really like skin with no ink. Since I'm pretty plain jane, I like to think of mine as an accessory...since I don't wear much jewelry, I'll wear a tattoo!
    xoxo zillionquadrillionmillion

  6. I love tattoos. I don't have any because I'm afraid I will regret it. I saw one once of a world map on someone's back and I think if I ever get one that'll be it.

    p.s. that hoagie tatt is great!

  7. I don't have any, and will most likely never have one, but I definitely admire beautiful and unique skin art. And your feather is gorgeous.

  8. Oh the paper bird tattoo is a gem! But I personally would get a feather on my wrist or something...


  9. i heart tattoos so much. i've been wanting another for so long! {i currently have a smallish dove on my ribs} i'm especially loving the swans. i think my hubby would definitely go for something like that.

  10. hello there! I TAG YOU to the "7 things you don't know about me" list =)

    very cute blog! AWESOME tattoos =D

  11. those are some pretty awesome tattoos! I want another, but can't decide exactly what.

  12. You ink is fantastic! Yup, I have one. A running horse on my lower back.. more left than center.

  13. Great post Danielle! I love tatoos (and Andy has a bunch), I always want to get one but don't think I could because I get bored really easily and I feel like a change often and it probably isn't a good idea for me to have something that permanent on me... But if I did, it might be something simple like a light green band around my upper forearm... or maybe a feather with the colors of Posey's feathers, but I don't know where...

    I love the tatoos in the second picture and I want her dress! I love that you have a feather on your wrist and think the other two ideas are great! I especially LOVE the one about your heart belonging to the birds... I feel the same way and it sounds so beautiful!!! Isn't it strange and wonderful how magical birds are?!? I am so thankful to have Posey in my life! She is amazing, and so was our other baby, Kika...

    Well, I hope you get to get them someday soon!
    LOve, Love, LOVE

  14. Ha Ha Ha, I just read your comment about my not having an accent! I guess I am lucky... I wouldn't mind if it was an old school boston accent that sounds almost british, but no, nothing like that!
    ha ha ha...

  15. Brittan, I've thought about getting Flojo's footprints on my right shoulder (since she prefers it over my left). I think it would be so sweet for you to get Posey's feather!

    Regarding your comment about bird's being magical, I really love Mark Bittner's quote, "It's a Heavenly thing to be allowed to touch a bird."

    xoxoxo to you and Posey!

    Angelina, your tattoo sounds awesome! I'd love to have something on my ribs!

  16. ohhhhhh I am a complete sucker for a great tattoo! I still don't have one because I don't have the money, but as soon I do I will be getting two! I am so happy that you posted these. I really love the first two and then that couples swan tattoo. melts my heart. Your feather is really nice, clean and simple. I tend to favor things like that.

  17. I love tattoo's, I am yet to get one but am always looking for inspiration. I want a tea cup and a baboshka doll and an owl.

  18. wow! i love that first one. it's so intense!

  19. tattoos are so fun! i especially love fun and whimsical ones! but i also adore ones with meaning. i've been wanting to get one for about a year i just can't seem to save enough money! i love your feather! i want some birds behind my ear and the word create on my forearm!

    i love the sandwich one.. i've played around with the idea of getting a peanut butter and jelly sandwich on my arm. {since i'm a vegetarian.. and i eat one everyday!}

  20. Do it anyway! I think they both sound great. My bestfriend has "hold me like I were your last breathe" where you want dinosaur toes and it looks really good. Her and I got maching butterflies when I turned 16 (my mom took me!) and I got jakes name in cursive with a little heart my lower tummy when I was 21. I'm still happy with both :)

  21. Oh combien beau! I greatly enjoy the deer one!

  22. Oh I just lovvvve Tattoo's. Hubby does not. I want many and have two right now.
    I really like yours. Funny, I want something like that I have been thinking about getting, but bigger feather.
    I have the a typical, got it when I was twenty tattoo on my lower back- The tramp stamp as some swell guy's call it so endearingly!
    It is of angel wings with a halo above, all in soft blues and white. I do like it, but happy that I can't see it all the time, but not so happy that the whole world can when I bend down to pick up something( I don't like to wear a belt, so deal, k?!)
    My other one is a memorial tattoo for my 14 year old brother and my grandpa that passed away 4 month within each other 2 years ago. They were both the most important men in my life, besides the hubby...Having them pass away has been a great loss for me.
    I have on the back of my neck a replica RCAF- Royal Canadian Air force Wings with the crown above and my brother and grandpa's initial's in the center, below the wings in script it say's "I have you in my heart". My mom got the same tattoo on her inside forearm. It is so special to me and I have had nothing but the most touching comment's about it.
    I have many more on the list to get but don't know which will follow through....
    -My 3 kidlet's initial's on the inside upper arm with crown's above
    - A cherry blossom tree on my back
    - On my ribs a quote for my husband from songs of solomon- My beloved is mine, and I am my beloved's
    -something on my wrist, I love inner wrist tat's.
    Something like "loved" or 'believe" a daily mantra
    Weeew this is becoming an epic essay. i shall stop now...

  23. Hahaha Kassi I just read your tramp stamp tat... Love it. We can be tramp stamp twins, but me with "angel wings" to go with your sun and moon.....

  24. danielle, i'm silly, i got so excited i didn't even realize or read that that last one is yours. I LOVE it!!! because it's not right on the wrist and it's a feather. and your other ideas are great... esp. because the translation is so you!!!

    okay this is going to sound crazy but my favorite british singer and the guy i swore i was going to marry has a bunch of tattoos and i have always wanted to get one like his but on a smaller scale and not the same place. The one i was looking at is latin and it translates to "to each his own." I was seriously going to get it on my inner thigh- HA! sounds trampy i know, but it wouldn't be like i was showing it off. haha

    anyway... i went to the parlor, scared it would HURT and then the guy couldn't find a font close enough and it had to be similar.

    i really love your tattoo! and i'm silly for not realizing you said it was you in the last one ;)

  25. eep! tattoos!

    lets see..i have 11:

    chest: "all you need is love, love is all you need" (The Beatles are my favorite band)

    upper back right under my neck: the BARTSKULL (its the tattoo Pete Wentz from Fall Out Boy has above his crotch..its the logo for his clothing line. i was really in love with the design that i got it on me but tattooed WAY better. its a huge bat outline with a heart in the middle that is half heart half skull)

    upper right arm: skull on a bed of lillys with butterflies coming out of its mouth (memorial for my great grandma Lilly)

    lower right arm: a heart with a butterfly perched on it (represents me being free from an abusive relationship i was in) and then the words "EST. 1988" (my birth year)

    inner right wrist: <3 is there

    my upper right arm is gonna be a half sleeve of Beatles images. the main focus of it is gonna be the yellow submarine. and everything else i have yet to think about. i might be starting on this next month :D

    left ankle: a cleft note wrapped around a heart (my intense love for all that is music)

  26. i have two red oak leaves on my right foot.

    and my most recent is the roman numerals for my dad's date of birth and date of death on the inside of my left bicep.

    i really like the placement of your feather.

  27. These were really pretty. I'd love to get a tattoo, I find them so interesting. The feather one is so nice! :) I was going to get one a few years ago, a swallow on my back, I sketched it so so much, even went in the shop, but never did it.


  28. I want another tattoo soo bad! When I have the money I'm definitely getting one. I love your feather tattoo! I also like the corresponding inner wrist tattoo idea, like the cranes.

  29. i love all of those! i have a small spiral on my right wrist that represents growth and creating opportunity for yourself. i want another that is the last stanza of the poem "The chambered nautilus" somewhere on my body, but not sure yet. the poem inspired my spiral :) very cute feather, small and sweet!

  30. I like tattoos on other people, but I could never get one myself. Why? Because I get bored of things really easily and I'm worried I would be dying to remove it a month after getting one. :p

  31. i love your feather! it's so delicate and pretty!

    i have a crown (i feel there should be an explanation haha...i grew up in sugar land, tx and i knew it'd always be home to me so I chose the city symbol) on my the left side of my ribs. it's fairly small, but oh how it hurt...right there on the bones! now two years later, here i am considering another one!

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