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Today it isn't all about what I'm working on, it's about what these other lovely bloggers are working on, too! I was so excited to get a few emails telling me about these projects. If you'd like to participate in this weekly post, you can send me pictures and descriptions of what you're working on to kissparrotkiss@aol.com

My first project was the bow necklaces. They're cold forged and hammered in 14kt gold filled and sterling silver. The second thing I've been working on is more .22 bullet and stone necklaces. I almost ran out of small stones, so I had to stock up yesterday; more yellow topaz and aquamarine on the way! The third item is a tote I sewed from yellow cotton duck with a scrap leather pocket decorated with embroidered vintage trim.

Rice Babies says: "I am working on this doll. Can't show you all of her because she is not fully stuffed and has no legs...lol. That's why I am still working on her, ran into a few kinks."

Brittan from little owl arts says, "These are photos of some of my nuno felting that I do. I hand dye the silk and then layer on the wool and felt it into the silk which creates really beautiful textures and patterns since the wool shrinks around the silk."

Lauren from the little things we do says, "So....technically or maybe not so technically this is what Craig's been working on....our new bed. But I've been working on little decor projects for the room too myself." (Lauren, I had to show those pretty windows!)

Catherine from fraise des bois - edelweiss says, "I have been working last weekend on a necklace that I have just finished this morning actually. It is made of amethyst (I love semi-precious stones), Japanese cotton fabric bought in Hawaii (I am so addicted to craft that where ever I go, I have to find either a bead store or a craft store for retail therapy), metal looking leather (I love everything that shimmers) and of course Swarovski crystals. I called it Aloha Flower Puff necklace. The art movement Pop Art and Hawaii inspire and I love flowers. So this necklace is a combination of all these different inspirations." *Note from me, Catherine is doing a giveaway of this necklace on her blog. You can stop by, but I'd prefer you didn't because it will hurt my chances of winning ;)

What do you guys listen to while you're working? I like to have some sort of noise in the background, and these songs have been on repeat in the dinosaur toes factory (you can even take them if you'd like):

tape song by the kills
the funeral by band of horses
weekend wars - MGMT


  1. love your bow necklaces! and the purple necklace with the flower! i love it all really! the fun doll from rice babies and that silk!!! plus laurens wonderful bed!! {go craig!} this is so inspiring! it makes me want to go be crafty!

  2. what a fun series! i love your bow necklaces. le love.

    ricebabie's dolls are so intricate and yet simply sweet.
    and thanks to your knick knack exchange, i'm a proud owner of one of brittan's nuno felt garlands! i can't wait post about the exchange.

    ahh! i wish i had a handy man husband :) i love the bed and yup, those windows are lovely.

    i like the sentiment behind catherine's pretty necklace.

    okay i pretty much love them all. I should have just said that huh? ;)

  3. Thanks Danielle for including me in your post. That is so cool. I love your jewelry, so unique. I love the color of your handbag; perfect for spring. It is nice to discover some other artists. Impressive technique used by pretty owl arts; wow! The doll is adorable.
    WOW! The furniture for the bedroom done by the little things we do; amazing.
    Music wise, I tend to listen to electronic music and also acid Jazz; that is my favorite. Have a good day and a good weekend! Take care:0)

  4. Seeing things that other people make always makes me want to go make things, too! I love seeing other people's styles and the different way they use their materials.

    Social butterfly, thank you! I'm glad you stopped by!

  5. Love Love LOVE those bow necklaces! I am not one for jewelry but I would wear this in a second!
    Lauren's bed is coming along nicely too:)
    Great series.

  6. your bow necklaces are amazing! love them <3
    and that doll is too cute :)
    i don't have my camera with me right now, but when i get it back i'll definitely take a "what i've been working on" pic and send it to you.

  7. This is a fun idea! Everyone's stuff looks good! It's inspiring :)

  8. great idea for a series.

    and your little bow necklaces are truly amazing.

  9. Wow you are so talented! Eveyone is! I would totally wear those necklaces! Are you selling them? This is inspiring haha!

  10. Thanks everyone for the compliments, and you're right, all of those ladies who joined are super talented, so I'm glad I could show their projects!

    Ella, I can't wait to see what you've been working on!

  11. Love your new bow necklace Danielle! Yes I listen to music as well while crafting, to me silence is very unispiring. Right now its Frank Sinatra, Morrissey, Badly Drawn Boy and Airborne toxic event.

  12. ~
    I think the necklaces with the bow are fun, I love those!

    X.Judith ^HartjeBloem^

  13. I love everyones little projects but I especially love yours. The bag, the bow necklaces....the bullet necklaces. I want them all :). You are such a creative lady. I love it!

    Hope you're having a good weekend friend!

  14. those necklaces are probably my favourite piece of jewelery i've seen in a while, they are just so so mega cute. <3 cookies for making them, you inspire me so so much!


  15. ok 2nd necklace is my favorite omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im working on the mens feathers for bueno bueno

    i like this post! i can tell its gonna be a popular one!
    Danielle lets punch those animal haters out!

  16. Those necklaces are wonderful! All of 'em! Maybe I will create a project to share after this hellish week is over...

  17. I love that bow necklace. You are so talented. Thanks for showing my doll, shes done. yay.

  18. All of your projects are fantastic! I love the idea of wearing the bullet. And the bows are beyond cute.


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