woof woof, meow meow

Happy Saturday, everybody! It's started off a sleepy Saturday for me because I had this crazy dream/nightmare about talking orbs, paranormal activity and a giant black snake. So anyway, I'm trying to wake up! I went to my pop's house yesterday and played with my good friend Reno and picked up my new bike. When I lived at Pop's, Reno was my best friend, and he was also a bed hog, so I'd end up sleeping on the floor, that way I knew he'd be comfortable in the bed!

A while back, my friend posted this video on my wall in Facebook, and it cracked me up. I still watch it every now and then for a good laugh. Ahhh, the things kids come up with!

Do you have any special weekend or Easter plans? I'm going to a fashion show later this evening, and I guess I should go figure out what I'm wearing so I'll know if I need to do laundry or not!


  1. Aww Reno is so cute! I love shepards :) My plans are to go to church on Sunday and then we are having a Barbeque. Have fun at the show!

  2. oh so cute! I'm pulling out a colorful dress and have a nice brunch with family after church!

    Have fun!

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  3. that girl´s soo cute :D
    kittens inspired by kittens :D

  4. Cute and funny video!! I like when she is imaginating what the cats think and makes some noise and sreams her lungs out. Hilarious!!! Beautiful dog.
    Sunday, we will probably go out for brunch. The weather in NYC is absolutely gorgeous. And then after brunch, maybe walk by the river and have a nap on the grass and look at the statue of Liberty. Happy Easter!!!

  5. ahhhh i love dogs. (even if donkeys are cuter). My brothers fiancée is becoming Catholic tonight so I have a big night of Catholicism, (& a pancake dinner after mass). Happy Easter!

  6. wow, what a crazy dream... I couldn't sleep last night either, I was thinking about all of the crap around the house that I need to go through and get rid of (its a total pigsty in here!)!

    That kittens video is sooooo (up here in fishtown it is said "wicked") funny! not many make me laugh, but this one totally did!

    ok, I am off for some more meltdowns and madwoman cleaning! have a wonderful saturday!

  7. My sister showed me that video a while ago and I love it! So funny! May favorite part when she's like "I'm her mom..no she's not.." haha!

  8. Sorry you had a gruesome night (no twilight dreams..lol)Sounds like your gonna have a great weekend:) I'm going to a fashion show in two weeks(so exciting!).

    Have a blessed Easter

  9. omg i love that video! i forgot about it.. i saw it a few months ago. my favorite part? "i'm her mom. noo she's not!"

    thanks for the reminder!! have a great easter!

  10. reno looks like a sweetheart...
    bed-hogging and all.

  11. Crazy dream! I don't dream much -- I tend to just knock out. But when I do dream, they tend to be pretty wild, too.

    Happy Easter! :-)

  12. possibly my favorite video ever!

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  14. Ha! I remember that kitten thing on Facebook, cracked me up.... MAGIC!!!
    I'm her mom... No she's not"??!!!
    Love it.

  15. This video brings me so much joy haha. my mom and sister and I have watched it probably over 35 times in the last few months! haha


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