balls are to men what purses are to women

The lovely Micaela tagged me to show you my purse and it's contents. Like my life at the moment, the guts of my tote are a complete mess. Whoa, heavy. Of course I didn't show you the post office receipts and tampons, but they're no fun anyway!

From the top: the tote is a dinosaur toes original made by my two hands from glorious cotton canvas and crochet lace trim. Below are the contents... wallet (my favorite ever) sent to me by Rachel, lip gloss, fingernail clippers, hand lotion, two pairs of sunglasses (and the third pair I left at Pop's), a boring mp3 player since my ipod decided to end its life, my phone, a pair of socks (which may seem weird, but I also have tennies in the front seat and my bike in the back in case I decide to go for a ride), some gum, a notepad (because you never know when you need to write a note and stick it to someones front door or car), and some batteries for the Wii controller. All in all, not too fancy, but then neither am I!

I know I didn't do Wishlist Wednesday! yesterday, but I'll try to do it tomorrow because it's always fun window shopping, no?

I saved the best for last. Today when I got home in the funk that I'm in, I planned to come inside, change out of my work clothes and take turns crying and reading. But then I saw something on my porch... and it was a birthday pressie! Fallon is so uber sweet - sweeter than candy - and this just makes her even sweeter. I got a beautiful journal (which I think I'll dedicate to California) and a pretty bird card, with an SNL reference no less! I love that Fallon is an SNL fan, because I can't tell you how many times I've said something about a "doo doo pie" and have people look at me like I'm nuts. I didn't sing it, Tracy Morgan did! Anyway, back to the present. It was so sweet and unexpected, and I adore the illustrations on the box, don't you?!?

So thanks Fallon, and thanks to all the blog friends I've made for just being you. If I hadn't met so many great people through blogging, I would have given it up long ago, but I seriously get so excited when I see a new comment from each of you. You make the day a little brighter! XO.


  1. I love your purse ... and your sunnies are great!! I especially love your pinkish/rose color glasses. Sending you much love. xo

  2. love your purse...and all of it's contents!!!

    if i were a purse snatcher, i would steal yours.... (i said "if')


  3. batteries and socks.. i love it :)

    thank you for indulging me! I love your wallet + sunglasses!!!

    okay i had been DYING to ask you if you got fallon's gift cos she was so sweet and emailed me for your address cos she wanted to surprise you without giving the surprise away. I ALMOST said something while we were thrifting without thinking and i'm SO glad i didn't ;) because something so kind like that can make your day and sometimes, just sometimes... it fits on a day you really need it. Yay for this. Lovely journal!

    SNL- i couldn't hang with you guys on the SNL chat but we did laugh over canteen boy and alec baldwin lol

    thanks for playing :)

  4. guess what?!? you have the same last name as my boyfriend. that means that someday we will have the same last name :)
    what kind of lip gloss is that? its in a super fun container!

  5. Anna, all I can say is that you don't want this last name! Every time I meet someone and tell them my last name, they say, "oh, like Full House!" And I hate that show!

    The lip gloss I got at Michael's in the $1 section. I love it because it's thick enough to stay on for more than 5 minutes!

  6. how is that all you have in your tote?! mine is crazy full of stuff!

  7. Oh I love that tote so gorgeous, especially as its handmade. I lvoe your wallet too.

  8. that is such a cute purse!! wow. and i love your wallet :)

  9. i love your bag, it's so pretty! and hooray for unexpected birthday gifts! :)

  10. just wanted to leave a comment to make you happy :)
    hope you have a fun weekend! xo

  11. that purse is so pretty. such a crafty mccrafterson you are :).

    oh....and i still have a b-day pressie for you....can't remember if i told you....but i haven't sent it yet. i promise i will....i just hate going to the post office!

    hope you're having a good weekend love!

  12. That bag is amazing,and I can't believe it's handmade!


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