i felt like i was stealing...

On Saturday I had: a little lunch, a little thrifting, a little girl talk. What better way to start off the day than by making a fool of myself! We had lunch at Starlight where I ordered the delicious "Protester" sandwich, which is served with tortilla chips and salsa. My sandwich was so messy I thought I'd try cutting & eating it with a fork, only my fork slipped and shot my tortilla chips across the table and all over the floor! Oh, boy...

Luckily, after throwing food across the cafe, I knew my day could only get better from there! I found $20 in the Lowe's parking lot on Friday (true story, I got lucky), so I was eager to spend it at my favorite store in Lynchburg, Estate Specialists.

The two dishes are actually really large serving platters, and I think they work good for hanging on walls or as centerpieces. For example, grouping several pillar candles in different heights on the dish, and then setting that on the dining room table. My favorite find of the day was the large gesso frame in the second picture. I know there is a chunk broken off at the top, but I fell in love with its charm! It's pretty big at 30", and I think I'm going to paint a smooth piece of plywood with chalkboard paint and put that in the frame. Then there was the antique crochet lace. Oooh, pretty, and I can't wait to use it on tote bags (which means I'll have to do a lot of sewing)! The last item is a pretty golden detailed wood frame. I adore vintage frames. I thought I had a print that would fit in the frame, but it's a bit too small, so that means I get to buy a new print!

So the reason I felt like I was stealing, as the post title states, is because I got all of those goods for a tiny $10.50, and that even includes tax! There are a couple more things I want, plus I'll need to buy something for my vintage exchange partner, so I'll go back soon...REALLY soon!


  1. I adore the oval platter! And that old frame with the ribbon detail is amazing! steals indeed!

  2. ooh what purty finds!
    love them all and i love the idea of making the frame into a chalkboard - chalkboard paint is so stinkin fun!

  3. I couldn't believe the good deals you found! :) i was so happy! we need to go back soon ha

    it was so cute that we knew what each other liked/collected through our blogs. I need to post my finds.

    i had so much fun! i really wanted some chips, you were just helping me out ;)


  4. you found such great things!
    you're totally right--such a steal. :)
    i love lucky things like finding money.
    a couple weeks ago at work, i found $40 and turned it in. since i was honest, they gave it back to me a week later. :)

    also, i'm in love with your tattoo!
    i really want a feather, too.

  5. that oval frame is so scrumptious! thanks for sharing your klutz moment, too. good to know i'm not alone! : )

  6. ooo good finds! i love vintage frame and your idea to use the platter as a center piece! so pretty!

  7. what rockin deals! and chucking food everywhere is exactly the kind of thing i would do :).

    happy monday love!

  8. 10.50 Wahoo!! That is great! xo

  9. hooray for your cheap and pretty thrift finds!

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  11. Oh I love all of this and such bargains. Makes me want to go thrifting!

  12. Score! Those are some lovely "steals," Miss D. And I've been meaning to tell you, I love your feather tattoo. If I was to get a tattoo at all, it would be of a feather. Though I think I'd put it on my ankle. :)

  13. love the serving tray, and your feather tattoo!
    chalkboard + vintage frame = fabulous.


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