two things i love around my home

I'd already picked out the two things I'd share with you this week, but then the queen of cute, Brittan, surprised me with a package, and I knew for sure that the other two things would have to wait; I NEEDED to share these! Last Christmas on Lifetime, Tim Gunn said something along the lines of handmade gifts not being thoughtful, instead, cheap. It stuck with me, and it really made me question things I've given as gifts, but as far as I'm concerned, I'd take a handmade gift ANY DAY because I know that love really goes into them!

The first thing I love is the sweet little needle felted owl, and green is my favorite color, too! The second thing I love (and it's definitely my favorite) is an original watercolor of Flojo, my baby. It looks just like her, with the tilted head focusing on something interesting! You can check out some of Brittan's amazing creations in her etsy shop, little owl arts!

Please don't forget to enter the photography print and notecard GIVEAWAY! And if you'd like to share two things you're loving, be sure to link up on Kassi's blog!


  1. how sweet of brittan!!
    i love love the painting! (great job brittan!)
    what a thoughtful gift :-)
    thanks for playing along dude

  2. I love that little fellow ... so cute!!!! And, I love handmade gifts!

  3. Such a beautiful picture of your man! Heheh.

  4. i love owls! and that one is obnoxiously cute.

  5. the painting is so nice it made me smile.


  6. What a sweet and thoughtful gift! I especially like the little felted owl. :)

  7. aw that little felt parrot is soooo adorable! i love it.

    anthropologie has a lot of parrot/bird themed items in their housewares,etc. section right now, sadly a lot of them are super expensive though (in true anthro style.. what buttheads)

  8. caroline, i love handmade gifts, too, and i'm not sure WHAT tim gunn was talking about!

    jaselle, it's even cuter in person, believe it or not!

    maddy, i have a love/hate relationship with anthro. their stuff is great, but it should be illegal for them to charge so much!

  9. tim gunn is pretentious snob. hand-make gifts until your fingers fall off.

  10. i love brittan's little felted owls. so cute! and that painting is so so great!

    hope you have a lovely lovely day my dear!


  11. i love handmade gifts too! these are so thoughtful and sweet!

  12. Oh I just love that little guy, I love needle felting and have been making the kidlet's many little things. Recently I made Roman and Esme little heart's with their initial's on it, Roman slept with it last night...Break's my heart that boy.


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