happy birthday, pop!

Today is my pop's birthday! He's truly 52, but today he told me that he's 35, and I was born when he was 7. Mmm hmm. I could type for days on end about how much I love him, and all the funny stories I have, but I'll spare you! As silly as it sounds, one of the things I wrote in his birthday card was, "thanks for keeping it weird," and I meant it. So happy birthday to the funniest dad around!

A little side note, I started this post on the 9th (Pop's actual birthday), but here on the east coast, it isn't being posted until the 10th, so I guess he gets to celebrate for two days! The second picture is my favorite. Pop was doing a little modeling in Okinawa Japan in 1978! The next to last picture is my favorite picture of the two of us.

One last thing, this is an AWESOME giveaway!


  1. happy happy birthday to your cute dad!
    he's lucky to have you as his daughter.
    love the pics :-)

  2. I have a fantastic dad too :) Me and your dad have the same birthday! Hope his was great!

  3. aww so sweet! The 2 photos you commented about are my faves too! happy bday to your pop!
    hope you have a great weekend!

    p.s. thank you for your sweet comment danielle, it really means a lot... and thanks for the virtual bear hug! xoxo

  4. Aw, I hope your dad had an awesome birthday. I love the pictures, but especially the one of the two of you (?) passed out on the floor under a blanket. Too cute.

    Man, that giveaway IS awesome! Thanks for letting us know. :)

  5. I hope your dad had an AWESOME birthday!!! :) tell him that I had fun with antique hunting with his daughter!

    Danielle, I had such a good time and thanks to you (I think the estate owner fancies you!) we got some AWESOME deals! I can't wait to hang out again :)


  6. Hope your dad had a fantastic day :D xoxox

  7. What a nice post!!! Happy birthday to your dad. The pictures are nice.Have a good day!:0)

  8. Ah so sweet! I love your blog!

    For everything about fashion:

  9. oh i love it!!! happy bday pop!!!
    so much fun!
    i want to ride bikes with yall! dads are the most fun!
    hope your week is great! ill miss you ladies while im gone but june will be here soon!

  10. awwww...cute daddy/baby picture!

    when i was at home my youngest brother (who is 6) was very confused to learn that i was 25 as 'how could i be older than mummy who is 21?'

    i told my mum she is the reason he will fail mathematics at school

  11. aww, this is so sweet and totally made me think of my dad (who still claims he's 39 at the age of 63).


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