birthday recap

I celebrated my 28th birthday on Friday, but the party didn't stop there! Okay, so there wasn't actually a party, but I did have an incredibly busy weekend. Shopping, eating, bike riding, eating, a little more shopping, and a little more eating! I tried to remember to take a few pictures to share...

A few of my favorite things... the first is the "Birthday Princess" sash Chris left over the seat of my Blazer for me to find when I went out for work on Friday morning. He left balloons through the house with questions on them, and I thought, like last year, he'd filled my Blazer up to the windows with balloons (in which case I would have murdered him)! The next few things are some of my favorite gifts. Sunnies (I haven't really wanted to take them off), green ballet flats, a large antique bird print from Pop and Tricia, a large antique blue jay print from my grandma. I also got gift cards, candles, underwear (can you guess who gave me those?), and money.

Chris and I went biking on Saturday and got in about 12 miles, then Pop, Tricia, Chris and I went riding on Sunday and got in another 12 miles, so it wasn't as much as I'd hoped for, but I'd say it was still good (and fun) exercise!

I've been wanting a pair of fun, patterned tights to wear with jean shorts or plain dresses than need a little jazzing up, and I found these on the anthropologie website. I really like them, but I have my heart set on the lighter, more spring-like floral tights I've seen on we heart it. Anyone know where I can find them?


  1. You are beautiful and that sash is great!! Happy Belated Birthday lovely lady. And, hip hip to bike rides with family and friends. XO

  2. ooooh I love those floral tights! Sounds like a delightful birthday. :)

  3. sounds like you had a great birthday weekend! woohoo!

  4. i'm scared to turn 28 in a few months! you wear it well.


  5. happy belated birthday, girl!
    i'm glad it was a great one.

  6. Oh I love the ballet flats, glad you had a wonderful birthday weekend. I featured your blog on my post yesterday :-)

  7. 1. your hair is gorgeous!
    2. that color looks amazing on you.
    3. i want your pea green flats.
    4. modcloth has some cute flowery tights like this.
    5. I hope my 28th birthday is this fun :)

  8. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! i love the sash and the balloons... so sweet of your husband!

    and your gifts are perfectly you... perfectly LOVELY!


  9. Aw, sounds like you had a great birthday! I love the tights and the sunnies, and oh, just about everything. Happy Belated Birthday! :D

  10. what lovely birthday gifts! LOVE those green flats and your sunnies. you are so cute. hope you find those tights so we can do our tights + shorts fashion challenge :).

    happy day lovely girl!

  11. awww you are so gorgeous! and happy birthday! you got some lovely gifts! & the tights are SO cute.

    xo tiffany

  12. i'm glad to hear you had a wonderful birthday! your little green flats are SO cute! :)

    p.s.--you have the prettiest hair i ever did see!

  13. Happy Birthday!

    ps- you're a babe.

  14. Ok so please don't think I am creeper but I did the math and tried to figure out when you got married...if you are 28 now and got married 10 years ago does that mean you were 18 when you got married?!? If so...I think that IS AWESOME b/c I did the same married at 18! My guy and I are almost at the three year anniversary mark! It's nice to know you made it ten years! so sweet!

    If you did not get married at 18 then just forget this whole silly comment and pardon my terrible math skills...:o


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