wishlist wednesday!

Today's wish list is inspired by my appetite. Chris and I tried this new place called "Hash House" which is open 24 hours and claims to have diner-style food. Not good. I left hungry and came home to make myself a second lunch of blue corn chips and guacamole. Anyway, I have food on the brain!

From the top: assorted macaron box from littleoven, tippy toe porcelain bowls from carolbarclay, azure lace cake plate from vesselsandwares, coconut marshmallows by sweettreatsbakery.

I wanted to say that I loves all of your comments on my last post, and I especially loved that so many of you have boyfriends or husbands that are less than impressed with your style. I thought it was funny, and I told Chris not to worry, as he's not the only man who thinks that! Also, thanks for the tips on which shoes would look best. You guys are the best!


  1. it all is to die for!! yummm.
    some blogger pals and i do a weekly blog feature "wednesday wishes" and link them all together to share. its kinda a cool way that we get to know more about each other. would love it if you joined!! :)

  2. oh man i just ate lunch but now i want more food! that cupcake looks delish!

  3. that is SO disappointing that the "hash house" isn't good when it looks and sounds so cute! i've been trying to get max to take me late just for fun. :)

    we had heard it wasn't good either, so it really must be bad.

    i love the glass cupcake!!!

    & i love wish list wens.
    i just did mine! :)


  4. you are making me hungry! cupcakes are good for dinner right?

  5. Looks so yummy!

    Just came across your blog! It is lovely!


  6. The coconut marshmallows are looking delicious!!

  7. I ordered those Macarons from Little Oven for my birthday! They are so yummy! The pistachio was my favorite flavor!

  8. you always have such good wishlists! i love guacamole and chips, and those coconut crispy treats look delish too!


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