two things i love around my home

Before I get started, I wanted to say hello to the new blog followers. So, hello! Second, if you want to join and share your two favorite things, you can link up on Kassi's blog. So, my two favorite things today are more symbolic than anything...

I picked the feather (because I like it and it's huge) because I love the wildlife that lives around me. At any given time I can look out of my windows and see songbirds, maybe as many as 30 turkeys, deer, squirrels, or little bunnies. Obviously I like having fresh flowers in my house, but they symbolize the lush green fields, thick woods and general botanical beauty that surrounds my home!

For the last picture, I'm still not sure I want to share it, but it's up for now...and I may delete it. I'm definitely not the type of person who likes taking pictures of myself as my comfort zone is on the other side of the camera, but while I was getting some laundry together, I decided I'd play around with my new flowers and my crazy hair and take a new facebook profile picture. Soooo, here it is. I'm so shy.


  1. all of you're photo's in this post are amezing.


  2. I love that feather! And the last picture of you looks stunning, like a professional shot. You have such soulful eyes (well, at least the one I can see in the photograph :D).

    Hope your Tuesday is treating you right!

  3. you're SO LOVELY AND PRETTY! awwwww you're soooo pretty! LOVE that picture!!! xoxox

  4. You are freaking beautiful! I'm with you on the whole self portrait thing, but you are never showy in any way. You need to keep this photo up. It's sweet. -kel

  5. ahhhhhhhh
    you are gorgeous
    my favorite part of today is seeing that photo of you - love it!
    love the flowers
    love the feather
    you should take some photos of the beauty that surrounds your home.... pretty please....

  6. Very nice pictures. I love the last one especially.

  7. you are soooo pretty danielle!

    i always love your 2 things.

  8. You are sooooo beautiful Danielle...
    You look like Audrey Hepburn, my most favorite person in the world... I love your freckles, I have always wanted them but alas, no such luck...

  9. i seriously adore this photo. you look amazingly gorgeous! self-portraits can be awkward, but this one is so classy and beautiful. keep it!!!

  10. I love that photo. You look amazing.

    My mom has soooo many feathers all around our house at home. She finds them all over!

  11. thanks for all the sweet comments, you don't know just how much they mean!

    i was hoping i wasn't cheating by not showing two knick knacks or pieces of furniture, but when they weather is nice, i spend more time admiring what's outside!

  12. i hate pictures of myself too but this photo is beautiful!! love it!

  13. you need to take more photos of yourself!

  14. this photo of you is beautiful! i often feel shy about putting photos of myself up too, but this one of you is lovely!

    the feather is pretty too, i'm amazed at how much wildlife you have around you!

  15. danielle!

    fancy a tag?

    you automatically came to mind on this one because your purse itself is as pretty and a gem like you: i love the way you add lace to your handbags!

  16. awwww your so pretty! don't delete your picture you look absolutely gorgeous and have noting to be shy about whatsoever! :)

    lovely post <3


  17. you are stunning.

    &why is it so much fun to look in other peoples bags?! <3

  18. god, this picture of you is incredible!

  19. i love this it is stunning! and you should take more photos of yourself! THANK YOU FOR MY NECKLACE!!!! i love it!!!!!!!!!!
    i need your addy again!


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