wishlist wednesday!

Today's wish list is inspired my my aunt Cindy's kitchen. Along the top of her cabinets, she has the most impressive collection of teapots, and while I was admiring them on Easter, I started thinking I wouldn't mind having a little teapot collection for my bare kitchen!

From the top: large mid century modern aqua ceramic coffee pot from jetsetvintage, vintage english sadler collectible teapot from camelotglass, white porcelain teapot with gold and flowers from putthekettleon, ladylike teapot from ladyjamie, winter pine occupied japan vintage tea set from grandmasfridgevintage.

And while I've got you, I wanted to tell you about my computer woes. My trusty laptop has a bad hard drive, so until Chris gets her all fixed up, I'm stuck with this crappy desktop. It's as old as a dinosaur and as slow as molasses. I may not be commenting on and stalking your blogs like normal, but don't think I've forgotten about you because I haven't.

Last, I got my first birthday pressie celebrating the 28 years I've graced this earth. Okay, I'm only kidding, but I will be 28 (which I've heard classifies me as "no longer a spring chicken," whatever the hell that's supposed to mean) and I did get this fabulous clutch from Micaela on Saturday when we met to see the fashion show! She gave me strict orders not to put pictures of her on here.


  1. oh i love tea pots! i totally made one in ceramics my senior year of high school. what up.

  2. Happy (Belated? Early?) Birthday, Danielle! :-) I haven't been a spring chicken for three years, going by your equation, so welcome to the club. Retirement club, that is. ;)

    I'm all about tea sets right now because tea is my new favorite thing. Especially peppermint tea. Ever tried it? It's awesome.

  3. i love teapots, too. all of these would be great additions to your kitchen, to be sure. that clutch is awesome!

  4. so cute! i did my first wishlist post today!


  5. i love vintage tea pots and cups! the gold and white is my fave!

    your new clutch is just darling! happy birthday! :)

  6. every girl must own a teapot! :) i love these wish list items, esp. the 2nd to last blue one.

    i'm so glad you liked the clutch :) I LOVE my earrings! i giggled at my demand to not show any of the pics of me ;) i was a hot sweaty mess! but the fashion show was tons of fun (and a reminder that i need to spice up my wardrobe) and you are cute as a button! (i will post a pic of mr. hot model lol! when i show my new earrings)

  7. i LOVE that white and aqua cup and tea set. Those colours are amazing together, and would love a kitchen coloured this way. xD

    I would love you to take part in The blurb project; check out my blog for details and let me know :)



  8. ahlin, i always wanted to take a ceramics class. lucky!

    Annie, i'll no longer be a spring chicken on the 16th...and the people who told me that are 10 years or more older, so i have no idea what they're talking about! i've never tried that tea, but i'll do it since you say it's good!

    micaela, you looked fine in the pics, it was me who looked bad. i looked like a man! i found out that mr. dangerously sexy model is named ben young (swoon)!

  9. tea pots are so cute, (& stout). that would be a cool collection to start!
    I will be 28 this summer. good thing 40 is the new 20 (or something like that). we are pumas - cougars in training.

  10. My mom used to collect tea pots...thank you for this great memory!


  11. awwww! micaela is so sweet! what a great clutch!

    and i love that first teapot w/ the cups...so cute!

    and birthday...what??? e-mail me your address lady! (loveoflittlethings@gmail.com)

    love you girl!

  12. Love the teapots! I started collecting them a few years back and love it. hope to have a whole shelving unit full of them one day!


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