shorts, tights...what else?

I've said it (a zillion times) before, and I'll say it again, I'm not a fashion expert, and my sense of style is, well, questionable. So I got some cut off jean shorts from Forever 21, and I've been wanting some floral print tights, the only problem is that I don't know what shoes would look right. Any suggestions?

The shorts were a steal (like most everything at F21), but the tights (from are $29.99 each, and maybe I'm just a real cheapskate, but I can't justify spending more on those than I did on both shorts combined! Know of anywhere else that has floral tights or leggings?

Chris told me as I started this post to say something about him in it, so here it is: he would hate this outfit as he recently told me he wishes I would dress more normal. Oh husbands!

So, along the lines of outfits, are you signed up for weardrobe, chictopia, or anything similar? If you are, I'd love for you to share your link so I can look!


  1. oh this just made me laugh out loud! on friday the boyf & i had a little mini quarrel.
    Me: "I wish you would stay home more since you're only home 3 days" blah blah blah, etc.
    Josh: "Well I wish you dress normal & not paint your fingernails a million colors."
    i will be on the lookout for tights. I buy all of mine at Gabriel Brothers, they always have urban outfitters & anthro.

  2. this is so normal! i would love to wear tights with shorts... it's too hot down here :(

    i'd say pair them with either some neutral flats or a cute sneaker like chuck taylors or even those plain vans everyone has now (they look super cute with shorts)

  3. your comment actually made ME laugh out loud! chris and i had a talk last thursday, and i told him that i wish he was a little less conservative and he told me that he wished i dressed more normal, then today he said he wished i wore khaki shorts! oh yeah, and he definitely didn't like the idea of me painting each nail a different color. boys.

    we don't have gabriel's here, but we have rugged wearhouse (owned by same people) so maybe i'll check there for the tights. thanks for the help!

  4. Anna, what your boyfriend used as a comeback, honestly, was really adorable. And Gabriel Brothers? Really? I'll have to remember that! And sweetheart, be sure to enter my giveaway over at my blog!


  5. wait, are those your cute legs or is that a pic from the f21 website?
    i wear tights with shorts... and often think i probably look like i'm trying to be younger than i really am... but if katie holmes can do it and she's in her thirties, then i can too! ha
    i can't wait to see pics!

    ps. dan hates the way i dress the majority of the time... but he has absolutely NO sense of style so i take what he says with a grain of salt ;-)


  6. kassi, no way those aren't my legs! if they were, you wouldn't be able to tell the difference between my legs and the background! ha!

    i'll always have my own style (and i use that term loosely), and while it may not be what chris picks out, he still says i look cute, so i'm not too worried. and don't listen to dan, you always look like a hot mama!

  7. ^^right, they were MY legs!!! lol. Mrs, I am warming up to "that" outfit and "Dressing more normal" sounded different in my head...but the way you dress now is becoming "normal." ;-)

  8. Hey I think the outfit would be cute!! ALthough I would also never spend that much on tights as Im most likely to ladder them anyway! You could wear them with pumps, boots or sandals. What ever you feel comfy in. I have a chictopia and a weardrobe. You can get to them from my blog. see here

  9. it's funny because obviously you know where i work and since it's not in a retail store, people come in their sweats or shorts and flip flops and sweaters/t's... not me ;) and honestly, my "regular" is a dress or like today a bubble skirt with a plain plaid button down (i like to mix high and low) with black tights and heels.

    i wear my grey wool shorts with black tights and the shoes i generally wear are my flat boots (vintage looking booties ha i hate that word) or heeled closed toe shoes that look like men's wing tips... so more of a casual heel. You could wear your Moccasins! :)

    or your new green ballet flats?

    i would say cowboy boots :)

    when it comes to my own wardrobe, i even wish i mixed and matched more so take my suggestions with a grain of salt :) luckily Max who's very much a plain t and jeans/sneakers kind of guy likes it. (i wished he would dress up more! lol)

    ps. your reflection story cracked me up!!! LOL i very much dislike haunted houses... even the cheesy ones meant to scare kids. I'm always afraid out of pure reaction i might accidently hit someone haha

    sorry for the novel comment!

  10. Hi Danielle, super cute them! I wanted to ask you if you ever mailed our my giveaway from February...Im not blaming you or anything, I just thought maybe it got lost in the mail or something? Let me know if you know what might have happened...have a great day!

  11. oh boys.....

    when you said that chris wishes you dressed more normal i totally thought of craig. while he doesn't want me to wear yoga pants and sweatshirts all the time, he also doesn't want me to dress super fashion forward. sometimes i'll wear stuff that's pretty trendy and when i ask what he thinks he'll be like "hmmm." and that's it. i think he'd love it if i just wore simple dresses every day.

    good luck on the tights search!

  12. In Switzerland Zara is selling floral printed tights at the moment... they aren't that expensive, i remember. Do you have Zara in the US? Maybe they have some, too :)
    I don't have a boyfriend but sometimes I go out with my brother and he always says: please don't paint your nails before friday, will you? I don't know why boys don't like coulours.

  13. chris sounds like josh!
    sometimes he really likes my outfits and style.
    and other times i ask him what he thinks and he's like, "i don't like it, but you still look beautiful."
    and he absolutely hates dresses.
    BOYS. sheesh. :)

    i'd have to say a simple solid colored flat would look good.


  14. I have never dressed normal, sometimes I wish I could, but it just doesn't work... Luckily Andy doesn't seem to care, he likes that I am weird. I want my butt not to look big in shorts like those, maybe I just haven't found the right pair, or maybe I need to do my exercising more! ha ha ha! good luck on finding the tights!

  15. I am also fashion challenged. Luckily, I work in a regular boring office where my fashion challenged looked blends right in. I don't think I would do the tights thing, but I think flats would be my first guess to pair with them. Can't wait to hear more! And the price... they are almost like pants.. so I say splurge!

  16. i have hot pink floal tights from forever 21 they were 199. i love them,
    look at them here.

    floral tights and denim cut offs:)

  17. to me, the best thing to wear with cut-off shorts and leggings is gladiators. or possibly some cute mary-janes, just depends on what it looks like and how think of it when the whole outfit is on, you know? personally, i LOVE gladiators paired with tights and shorts, so to me, that's the perfect combo. sorry about those tights being ridiculously overpriced! that's insane! but with some things, it is 'you get what you pay for', so hopefully they'll be worth it and last you a long time. :] i, myself, do not have a look book, but one of my friends does and i love her style - . <3 <3
    - L

  18. i think some simple blue or tan ballet flats like these
    or if you're looking for heels, just some simple courts.. you dont want to go too mad with the shoes when the tights are like that!

  19. Hue tights have one floral tights for $18.
    I love the shorts as is and I would wear the darker floral tights with a short skirts and ankle boots, leather jacket, and a cool hat of course. The white sandals are super cool. I asked also my husband for some fashion advice; he does not like everything I showed him but knowing myself, I end up wearing whatever I feel like anyway; it is only fashion so you can mix and match and the bottom line, if you feel good wearing it, do it. You have a great sense of style. I mean it. I read your blog for inspiration. Have a good day! Catherine

  20. my friends refer to my boyf & i as Dharma & Greg... from that show... while he isnt super uber conservative he is WAYYYY more than i am. But i think for the most part he does like that i'm a lil kooky out there... altho there are times where i can tell he is less than impressed but still tells me i look beautiful... I just think fashion/trends really isnt something that most guys even care about...

    go for the shorts w/ tights... i haven't breached this one yet... but it does intrigue me...


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