bonding time

This is going to be the second post in a row about my pop, which could mean one of two things: he's famous, or you'll start getting tired of hearing (reading) me talk about him! Today we took a 13+ mile bike ride around the Blackwater Creek trails (if you're in or around Lynchburg, VA you should go). We had such a good time, and not that we aren't bonded enough already, but I enjoyed quality father/daughter time!

From the top: Pop with our bikes (okay, so that picture is pretty obvious), next is my pop and I on our first break, third is my pop on our first break; I told him that I was taking a picture of him looking like a professional! Last is one of the tunnels (I think it's more like a cave) we went through on our way back. The weather was absolutely gorgeous, and I don't think I could have asked for a better Sunday afternoon!

I had planned to show you pictures of my thrifting finds from my day with Micaela yesterday, but since I didn't get home until later when the sun was going down, I'll have to wait and take pictures tomorrow. I'm a little nuts about lighting.

Last, I have an important story to tell you. When I was at the grocery store on Friday, I was rushing through so I could hurry up and get home to bake Pop his birthday cake. I needed some orange juice (because Flojo drinks it all), so I saw a display of Tropicana O.J. - my regular brand - and I got it because it meant that I wouldn't have to walk to the usual spot and get it, thus saving me a minute. Yesterday afternoon I opened it up and noticed that it said "Trop50 orange juice beverage" and thought, "what the heck?" After I swallowed, I realized that mess wasn't orange juice at all! So I read the ingredients and realized that I didn't get real orange juice, I got some orange juice type low calorie drink. I don't like it. I don't like it one bit! So the moral of the story (aside from not buying Trop50) is... don't rush getting groceries!


  1. you and your dad are so super cute
    looks like you live in a gorgeous place!
    rushing groceries is never a good thing ;-)

  2. aww, thanks kass! it really is pretty around here. i didn't get any pictures of the river or creeks (i'll do it next time) but it's so pretty when you're riding because you're always by the water!

    millions and mucho infinity!

  3. aw the relationship you have with your dad is SO cute! this looks like such a fun trip!

    can't wait to see your thrifting finds! :)

  4. 2 things
    1. your dad rocks.
    2. here we go Steelers, here we go!

  5. Sounds like a great weekend Danielle!

    Ick! I was tricked by that oj on easter... we went to my mom's boyfriend's parents house and they had it out for the mimosas. Ummm, not good!!! Oh well....

    have a good one, can't wait to see your thrifty finds from your day with micaela!


  6. that Trop50 stuff is DISGUSTING. I too have made that same fateful mistake :(

  7. well, i'm glad i'm not the only one who's had the trop50 mistake! gross!

    anna #1, it really was a fun trip, and i told my dad last night that i want him to officially retire today so we can go riding anytime we like!

    anna #2, my dad rocks the steelers merch so much they should start paying him. he even has a steelers tattoo!

  8. Blackwater is awesome... I went to Lynchburg College... and tho I don't have fond memories of my coaches taking us there to run etc :) it is a gorgeous place & had many a great time there!


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