pretty: skies

The air is warm, the wind is blowing, my windows are down, and I couldn't enjoy being outside anymore than I do right now. Well, I wouldn't be upset if the pollen took a hike, but aside from that, I'm so happy it's spring...

All images from we heart it.


  1. pretty pretty
    i'm so glad it's spring too!
    spring is my favorite... maybe because it's my birthday season... but also for all the lovely flowers and sweet smells. :-)

  2. i just wish it were a bit more sunny in my neck of the woods!

  3. great pics. i love spring. it's my favorite time of year. the flowers, the smells, the warm love love it.


  4. Love the photos, Danielle! It was so HOT here yesterday (90 degrees), today it is warm enough, but sunny, then overcast, then sunny again... I think rain tomorrow! have a good one!

  5. this is my first spring in VA, and wow! it's a real season! in TX we don't really have this so even though the pollen is out of control i'm really loving it! glad to hear you're enjoying it too :)

  6. kassi, april is rad. period. i always like when my lilac starts blooming...mmmmm!

    brittan, it got REALLY hot here this last week or so, almost 100 a few days! right now it's starting to rain and i think we may have a storm, but i love storms!

    anna, i love the little tiny bit of spring we get in VA, but in no time, it will be 100 degrees!

  7. so pretty! loved the last one especially. makes me want to go outside somewhere beautiful. enjoyed stopping by your blog. :)


  8. Spring simply refreshes me ... just like your blog! XO

  9. im pretty happy its spring too. i missed the warm weather!
    and also-- im so glad i happened by your blog. i love it!

  10. Sweet pictures, especially the last one. I love spring, but I'm not digging the outrageous amount of pollen in Miami right now -- and neither are my allergies! But hey, at least the clothes is cute. :D

  11. i love the sky when it looks like cotton candy! (middle photo).
    and that last photo is darling. super cute post!


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