wishlist wednesday!

Do you sometimes wish you could get rid of all your clothes, shoes and accessories and just start fresh? I know I do. Especially now that I've been wearing the same things for YEARS, and sadly, they aren't getting any cooler! The last few weeks I've just gotten so sick of my clothes because I feel like I have to buy what fits, not necessarily what I want, so this is basically a wish list and a pity party!

From the top: embroidery shirt/minidress from micamade, mod 1960's sunglasses from jessjamesjake, vintage 80's seafoam green mini skirt with snaps from lollycrispvintage, hippie 70's tooled saddle leather purse from retroactivevintage, 1960's vintage cream scallop cut out blouse from marikoamievintage, little spice dyed shoes from thebrushfactory, striped pocket dress by replicca.
If you'd like to share your own wish list, please leave a link in the comments section; I'd love to see your finds! And don't forget to enter the city lights photography GIVEAWAY!


  1. i looooove those sunglasses! i think i need them ;)

  2. I totally know what you mean about wanting to nix your wardrobe and start completely anew. Which is why I kind of want to go on the show "What Not to Wear," only I'm totally afraid of what Stacy and Clinton would say about my clothes. I'm so sure they would rip it a new one, but still... the idea of a brand new wardrobe is so tantalizing! Maybe we should nominate each other for the show, haha. :)

    On a completely different tangent, just read your comment on my blog re: the pros and cons of reading Eclipse before seeing the film, and while I understand where you're coming from, I think you should read the book *first* because it makes seeing the film such a cool experience. It's so neat seeing favorite scenes come to life on the screen, or seeing them reinvented in unexpected ways. Seriously, you should consider it! And then join in on my book discussion. :D

    Sorry for the monster comment!

  3. annie, i don't mind monster comments, in fact, i love them! i love reading so much, i even read the shampoo bottles while showering! tmi, maybe?

    if i went on that show, i'd cry, i know it! still, i wouldn't mind having someone else foot the bill for my clothes, and i'm sure buying more expensive clothes would mean that i get a superior fit! okay, i'll nominate you, i just have to figure out how to video you to send it to them.

  4. Hey, love your wish list. I wrote one last week, no pictures in mine just the things I am on the hunt for. I love that first top, the glasses and the satchel! How about a clothes swap? I have done 2 so far and they are really fun.

  5. I think we have the exact same style. I would've picked all of these for myself too!

  6. those glasses are AWESOME! (you like fun sunglasses don't you?)

    and the dress is my favorite.

    i always have fun "shopping" for wish list wens. ;)
    i had a fun segue to play along on your blog-- perfectly fitting, no? ;)

    YES i'm a huge Mavericks fan!!! so happy they won! I was so happy today at work cos i got a call from someone who used to live in texas so we talked football (dallas cowboys) for awhile. I just love sports! :)


  7. i love everything!
    especially that skirt and that purse!
    good taste my friend.
    i tweeted you some style blogs.... let me know if you check them out and/or got the tweet.
    xo muchoquatrotrillionbillion

  8. I love, love, love that skirt and the last dress! I also love the necklace she's wearing! I read shampoo bottles all the time! (I read your comments haha)!

  9. i know what you mean. i REALLY wish i could just give my entire wardrobe the boot sometimes and start from scratch! these things are pretty :).

  10. 1. thanks for links to all of these great shops!
    2. i have the same problem. i have been the same size forever so i never grow out of anything.
    3. i love that skirt & the striped shirt dress.
    4. happy Thursday!

  11. i love the shades and the bag! i always like your style you dont need to look at any blog on how to dress!!! xoxox
    i always put togethre the cutest outfits when i cant afford to go buy anything...thats when you get creative:)


  12. i always want to start over with a whole new wardrobe! i love the little snap button skirt!

  13. you have awesome taste! i loooove the first dress so much. and may i just say that i adore your blog and your parrot...soooo cute!

  14. I really wish i could get rid of everything and start fresh! I also wish i had the money to do so!
    I love that last dress and the sunnies :)

  15. Ugh, I love that dress and when I followed the Etsy link... WHOA! A fellow Canadian churning out sick pieces. Thanks for the heads up.


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