a tame wildcat: an outfit post

you remember how years ago in fashion magazines there would always be a whole section of random people on the street that would be photographed and tell the details (as in who made it or where it came from) on each piece of clothing they were wearing? that might still be done, it's just been a while since i've seen it. anyway, sort of a spin on it, since i'm a hardcore rock-bottom-deal aficionado, i always think not of where each item of clothing came from, but how much i paid for it. this outfit cost me less than a meal, and it includes my favorite: LEOPARD PRINT!

the outfit details - blouse: vintage/thrifted ($3), belt: vintage/thrifted ($1), skirt: vintage/thrifted ($2), wedges: target clearance ($5), bangles: i made them.

BAM! throw in a little wildcat print, mix that with a little wallet taming, and you've got one of my favorite types of outfits! i'm wondering, if all of my outfits could be put together for this much or less, would it make my husband more supportive of my clothing buying and collecting, seeing as how it is a genuine and justifiable hobby? it's worth putting together a pie chart and presentation to make my argument seem more legit.

are you on the lookout for a good deal, too? and do you have any favorite thrifting finds?


  1. I'll be waiting on that pie chart.

  2. Ooh la la! Tres chic. I wish I was a better thrifter/had better thrift stores.

  3. your style is so great. It's well thought out, and so you! I also love leopard print. little fact, when I was 14 I wanted my first tattoo to be leopard print on my shoulder/neck...because this girl in a band I liked {The Devotchkas} had it. I'm kind of glad I never got it, because I see it a lot now...

  4. I'm amazed by your thrifting skills. I say the same thing to Micaela. I don't go to thrift stores often because I just don't have the luck/experience/skill y'all have. Things are more expensive here, even in thrift stores . . . and I often find it overwhelming to sort through all the ugly stuff in order to get to the good stuff. What's your secret?? You look great. As always.

  5. i like the way you think! i always thrift and have a very full closet to show for it. i might not spend as much money, but hubbie doesn't love it anyways because i take up so much room in the closets! oh well!!! =)


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