badonkadonk & print mixing: an outfit post

i'm glad i finally realized that print mixing is a good thing, because it opens up a whole new world of opportunity as far as outfits go! our weather has been pretty schizophrenic lately, so one day i'm wearing short sleeves and using the AC, and the next i'm wearing a faux fur wrap and blasting the heat to combat purple fingers and toes. lately we've been enjoying weather that's better suited for mid-april, but i'll take it as long as i can get it...and then i want several feet of snow!

cardigan: the limited (i think) via rugged wearhouse, dress: target, belt: it came with a dress, wedges: payless, badonkadonk: thanks a lot, genetics.

can you believe it, and outfit where i'm not wearing my black riding boots! crazy, i know. i'm still in the infant stages of mixing patterns and prints, but i'm coming to realize that, to me, leopard is the easiest print to pair with others; i don't know if it's the color or the fact that it's almost as basic as black, but i find that it seems to go with pretty much everything. my butt, on the other hand, doesn't go with much. as long as i'm not getting into kim kardashian territory i think i'm safe but i wish i knew a flattening method!

are you guys all ready for thanksgiving? i'm ready to eat enough for three adults and one young child, but the way i look at it is, i can eat until i bust my pants wide open because the day after pop and i and maybe some other family will go bike riding at the black water trails, so basically thanksgiving will just be building up my strength for a day of riding! you can pretty much find ways to rationalize everything, especially when the subject is food.

oh, and if you haven't yet checked it out, the lovely toni and i are doing a charity auction to benefit the rachael horton compassionate fund, so take a look to see if you're interested, or pass it along to anyone you think will be!


  1. LOVE are so cute! & I am not so brave to wear yellow...I feel like it'd clash w/ my hair. I'm weird. You're gorgeous. Long legged lady!

  2. love those shoes, and mixing prints. i dont mix prints often, but i think im going to be more adventurous...maybe...

  3. You pulled it off soooo well! And YAY for the bids reaching $100 already!!!
    Toni xo

  4. I'm so excited to have found your blog! I absolutely love this outfit and I want to run out right now and get those wedges! :) You're lovely and I look forward to seeing more outfits from you.

  5. thank you, caroline!

    mars, i think mustard is my favorite color for clothes. i'm always drawn to it!

    cal, i think you'd look fine in yellow as long as it was a darker jewel tone so it's more of a contrast to your hair.

    beca, i'm still waiting to see more of your outfit posts!

    toni, thank you! and isn't it exciting?!?

    megan, i'm glad you found me, too, so that i could find you!

  6. You look soooo cute! And no you don't want snow, don't say silly things like that.

  7. You look so cute!!! Also, there isn't a thing wrong with your butt. :P You have a lovely shape! Oh and the title of your post cracked me up.

    I also love that song. XD

  8. Darling blog....shall we follow each other??? xx

  9. You did a great job of mixing colors, patters and textures here. Leopard does almost feel like a neutral so I can see why it's in your comfort zone.

    Great blog :)


  10. I love that cardigan! I also love that you have the belt over-top of it. ALSO - comment #2 is hilarious!

    Aya ♥ Strawberry Koi

  11. i love those shoes on you sexy lady!

    hope you had a lovely thanksgiving!

  12. Holy crap...I love the outfit. Yes, print mixing can be fun!! And the whole badonkadonk's our family. I've got it too and I've never found a way "around" it.

  13. I <3 pattern mixing! Love your look here- the cardigan adds such a fun touch of color and sparkle!


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