did someone say free?!

i don't know about you, but i love a good freebie! i had originally planned to do an outfit post today, but because i've got a stack of work that really needs to be finished today, i thought i'd just do a quick post to let you know about a fun holiday deal i've got on my website!

from now until christmas, all orders of $75 or more will receive a FREE pair of hammered brass quartz hoops! i figured this would accomplish two important things at once - 1. encourage people to get out of the mall and support local and handmade businesses this holiday season, and 2. thank all of the wonderful customers who buy from dinosaur toes!

i wish i could stay and chat longer, but adulthood, jobs, and responsibilities are calling, so i better get back to work. i hope you have a good monday!


  1. I was so touched by the charity auction that I read about on Lost Cabin... I wish I had the extra money to bid.... but I am definitely going to checkk out your shop, your jewelry (that I've seen on your blog) is gorgeous. <3

  2. Love those earrings! You are such a doll.

  3. Love those earrings! What a neat idea :)

  4. tori, thank you so much. toni was so kind to mastermind the auction, and i'm just so glad people are reading about it!

    lauren, you're the doll ;)

    caitlin, thanks! well, i figured i should do something to say thank you!

  5. Yay, for free stuff! Hope the orders some flowing in! May have to ask the Mr. to buy me a birthday pres!
    Toni xo

  6. What a great idea- those earrings are beautiful! Hope you don't work too hard :)


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