i ruin clothes: a totally thrifted outfit post

chris and i suffer from what we like to call "the poor kid syndrome." it's a pitiful state of mind in which one experiences severe heartache and distress upon ruining any possession. early in our marriage, chris and i were poor kids, and that can be attributed to my college education. then we saved like champs, were on top of the world, and only occasionally experienced symptoms stemming from the poor kid syndrome. last year, chris's asshole former employer decided to stop paying him and skip town. yipee! so now we're back to full on syndrome symptoms. what does this have to do with my outfit? a lot.

cardigan: vintage/thrifted, dress: vintage/thrifted, belt: vintage/thrifted, boots: vintage/thrifted (but unworn when i got them!!!)

in the last post i did about my thrifting finds, i showed you this dress that i instantly fell in love with and knew i had to have; i mean, everything about it is perfect! unfortunately, there is no fabric content tag in the dress, and unfortunately i'm an idiot when it comes to laundering clothes. i meant to hand wash and air dry the dress, but i guess i was in a hurry (like i usually am - the night before work i realize i have no clean clothes or underwear) and just sort of threw everything in the washer without really thinking. the dress isn't too small by any means, but it did shrink up a good two inches in length. it's not that i mind wearing shorter dresses, but for the love of everything holy i can't manage to keep my skirts down when even the slightest breeze comes, so obviously, the shorter the length, the more chance i have of showing my ass. i only paid $3 for the dress, so it wasn't like it put me in the hole, but still, had i taken the time to actually think about what i was doing i'd still have those extra two inches. so i did some sulking, and even let out a few gentle sobs that night. i kid, i didn't cry...but i wanted to, thanks to the poor kid syndrome.

on a more positive note, here are two things i love: 1. having dresses that work well as skirts or dresses, so you basically have two pieces of clothing in one, and 2. the clothing in this outfit cost me less than $10. BAM!


  1. It's not too short! I can see how in the back it might fly up a bit if the right breeze came along...but I'm sure you'll be fine. ;) Oh & I need to start thrifting more...I love the price more than anything! Isn't it grand? A $10 outfit...sigh. =) Anywho, you're cute. Bye!

  2. I love the pattern on that dress and I love the way you are wearing it. I have not been thrifting in so long. I think it has been 4 years since the last time I went. But just want to say that I really like this outfit.

  3. I think it looks fine. Not short at all but definitely not wind proof. Poor kid syndrome sounds like a bummer. Hope you can kick it soon :)

    Stop by & enter my giveaway! (its free so you should get no poor kid syndrome afterwards)

  4. I have had poor kid syndrome for a long time despite the fact that we aren't poor anymore. In college I made $150 a month and that was all my spending money...so now when I have to spend money on something (even though I have plenty of disposable income) I get super guilty and stressed, haha!

    You look awesome, and I don't think it looks too short at all!

  5. ah yes, poor kid syndrome. Me and my husband are quite familiar. Your dress is super cute at it's current length!

  6. Waaah, I totally know what you mean. i think i was ingrained with poor kid syndrome from birth. BUT, just remember that you only paid $3 for it and you could always sew a black border around the bottom, or wear one of Toni's slips! ;)I like this outfit, it looks comfortable, but well thought out.

  7. chic outfit! I like your boots <3


  8. I have perpetual poor kid syndrome. Meaning, it will never go away ever no matter how comfortable I am. Also I'm now on a mission to change out all of my jeans for skirts. Skirts are the way of the future.

  9. All I can say is 'poor kid syndrome' works for me! I think it can inspire us to be more creative and more conscious of the clothes we chose to spend money on. I am guilty of wasting $20 here and there on 'throw away' pieces that i only wear once. So bring on more poor kid outfit posts, I say!
    Toni x

  10. I am the same way! I've learned to be overprotective while laundering my vintage clothes. Sometimes I dry clean even if unnecessary.
    I just get too attached to things I suppose...when I was younger I cried when I had to get rid of a pair of shoes that no longer fit.

    That dress is very cute on you! And I love the belt you used.


  11. This is such a cute outfit...perfect length for the skirt :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  12. You´re simply amazing darling!



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