what i've been working on...

lately i've been working my hands to the bone. okay, that's a bit of an exaggeration, but it's almost true; i got some metal splinters that i still can't pick out, so that's close enough, right? *edit* after i posted this i went to work hammering out a bracelet, and also hammered my finger. i wasn't sure for a little while whether or not it was broken, but i think it's still in one piece, just a nasty shade of purple! in addition to making some new pieces for my shop, i've also been working diligently to finish up a large batch of jewelry for the bridge's holiday shop, and last but not least, a few pieces for tumbleweeds' store in san diego!

and while we're on the subject of jewels, i just wanted to say (for anyone who might be in the market for jewelry for themselves or as a christmas gift, etc.) for a few more days i'll be donating 15% of sales from my shop to the rachael horton compassionate care fund, so get some new bling and help an animal at the same time!

have you been working on anything lately? if you have a shop, are you prepared for a christmas shopping rush?


  1. your stuff is looking amazing! sorry i haven't emailed you back yet, i ended up making stuff for that lady....and now i know to hit you up at your new email address!

  2. gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous. I cant wait to carry them in the shop!!! let's give them wings to fly off the shelves!!

  3. oh i love it all!! it looks great! i will pop on over to see the new goodies!

  4. I love your pieces & cant wait to see them at Beca's shop!

  5. I have to have ALL OF THOSE EARRINGS, Danielle.. they're gorgeous! Where can I buy them all?!

  6. sadie, no problem, i know you're busy!

    beca, i'm okay with the winged idea!

    cb & ashley, thank you!

    cal, don't rub it in that you can go to beca's shop and i can't ;)

    jen, thank you! you'll have to go to the bridge in charlottesville, va to see those earrings pictured, but i think i'm going to remake 3 of those pairs soon to put in my shop.

  7. Too bad I'm in CA! Looking forward to seeing new additions to the shop:)

  8. Anything with a greenish stone and I'm swooning! But they all look amazing! You busy little bee! And I am sooo not ready for any kind of rush...it's been a little quiet for me, so here's hoping it picks up :)

  9. I love these new additions! And frightening, hammering your thumb! Ouch ouch ouch.

  10. These are awesome. I especially love the necklaces in the first photo.

    I need to get on it and make a few more items. I've got a couple of craft fairs coming up and I need to have more stock!

  11. iThis stuff is GORGEOUS! You are so talented :)


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