baby steps and outtakes: an outfit post

first things first: baby steps. i know i've told you before that i'm so hesitant to try new things clothing-wise, that by the time i start to entertain the idea, the trend is a decade old. having said that, print mixing is nothing new, but it's a BIG step for me! i don't believe there's a science to print mixing, but i've had a hard time figuring out some sort of do-able equation; that's why i started small - baby steps with stripes and leopard.

outtakes: my husband is a menace to my pictures. sometimes he's a good and helpful photographer who gives me pictures i can actually use, and other times he gives me pictures that make me think 1. i should have just used the timer, and 2. threats of physical violence must be made in the future to ensure i don't have a repeat of these...

rather than being a human tripod, which is ultimately what i'm looking for, chris, my skinny husband, decided to play strong man with no shirt and practiced his body builder moves while he was taking my picture, thus guaranteeing awkward, trying-not-to-laugh faces, and blur, blur, blur.

sunglasses: tumbleweeds, scarf: it's old so i don't remember, necklace: dinosaur toes, jacket: proenza schouler for target, blouse: thrifted, jeans: target, shoes: here.

about my outfit: i was so happy when i found that blouse because i have a love affair with grey, and because i love loose blouses that don't button down the front. the jacket is my favorite and i pretty much wear it everyday when the weather gets cooler. i never keep up with the designers that do lines for target, and i was so upset that i'd missed all of the pretty proenza schouler pieces... or, kind of. i was lucky enough to find this jacket sort of crammed away (and i still wonder if someone hadn't tried to hide it) and hidden between other things with a clearance price of $8.98. WHAT?! naturally i had to have it. onto the bottom half. i don't wear jeans that often, thanks to my inherited round butt and thick thighs genes, but every now and then i just don't feel like wearing a dress. so, now that you've seen jeans, it may be a while before i wear them again! and my shoes! WOOOOO! i got a pair of leopard print ballet flats about 5 years ago, and sadly, i've wore them so much that they have holes around the soles and take in water on rainy days like a sinking ship. i knew it was time to say my final goodbyes to my favorite shoes, but i couldn't bring myself to do it until i found leopard replacements; being that i have such small feet, it's always a challenge finding shoes. luckily, i found a pair that i LOVE, and i didn't have to beg, borrow or steal to afford them!


  1. Hooray for payless! Love that place! I also love Macys because I have a lovely credit card that I get to pay off in baby steps, or chunks, depending on my mood & how greedy I'm being. I'm wearing new shoes today! I kinda wish I had a nice wall to take outfit posts day. Anyway! I LOVE TUMBLEWEEDS! You're so cute in those glasses! & you look like a hottie in jeans, you shouldn't deprive yourself. Although I do agree that dresses & leggings are way more comfy. But yes, you's a cutie. & our subtle print mixing works well!

  2. Ha, this made me laugh out loud because my husband does pretty much the same thing.

    Super cute outfit, too!

  3. Haha awesome outfit! And I know you think you look awkward in these pics but you don't, you look adorable :) Love the shoes.

  4. YOU. ARE. SO. RAD! and I am so glad that you still love your sunglasses! We need to upgrade you pretty soon...

  5. Those shoes are so cute! (And I'm not even a huge shoe or leopard print fan.) They look so lady-like.

  6. I love those sunglasses! Beca is amazing!
    They are the perfect color.

    Also, I love the striped blouse. We have to go thrifting when you get to Vegas...or should we go thriftersizing?

  7. hahahaha! Such a boy! Of course he would make the picture taking experience more entertaining and flex heehee! So funny!
    I am loving the subtle print mixing!


  8. $9 jacket?? sooo great! my dear, you look lovely! fantastic outfit!! <3


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