thrift score!

i'm just going to go ahead and admit it, when i'm surrounded by vintage clothes, low prices, and the smell of old lady perfume, my pulse quickens, my breathing gets heavier, and i basically have a hard time even functioning because of thrift overload. i may go in with a plan, but once i'm there, all planning is thrown to the wind and the thrill of the hunt takes over. and maybe i should also mention that whenever i have cash in my wallet it's impossible to keep it there.

the first dress is definitely my favorite. i love that the color scheme is simple: black and tan. the floral pattern is small, which according to what not to wear, is good for my small size, and although you may not be able to tell my the pictures, there are little pleats in the skirt! perfect! the second dress i wasn't sure about, but i'm glad i got it. i think i'm going to wear it belted with a pretty cream cardigan, or belted with a flowy blouse.

this sweater is not something i would have been drawn to in the past, but thanks to this post i now know how i can wear it! and hey, what vintage lover doesn't appreciate a good space dye? so the good news is i didn't get carried away like i usually do and end up with a whole pile of polyester regret, and when a piece of clothing is only $3 it doesn't mean i'll have to start skipping meals in order to thrift. now, if i could only manage to find these in a size 5 or 5.5 for $3...

also, i got even MORE clothes in the mail from a really sweet friend, but i'll show those to you tomorrow! and speaking of clothes, i've really been trying to go through my clothes and keep what i'll actually wear, and pull out the other things i like but never seem to get out of the drawer and wear. so, i'm adding stuff to my "shop my closet" blog!


  1. The first dress is awesome! I think i have a plan too but yea it goes out the window. But i am gonna try today, really want to find a suitcase so i can display my jewerly at my craft shows!

  2. i went thrifting today too! and FINALLY scored. i had so many bad thrift days lately. but i still always love it! even when i fail :)
    thank you so much for the super sweet comment! it totally made my night!


  3. oh man sister you must have some hella good thrift stores in your neck o the woods. I have the envies.

  4. Awesome finds! You're like a thrifting goddess.

  5. These are all great scores!! I love everything you got posted up. :)


  6. Oh...I get what you mean about the sweater. That hot link brought it full circle for me.
    P.S. Thank you for being such an amazing friend and listening to my schizophrenia the other day.
    I truly cherish you and can't wait to see you during the holidays!

  7. So nice to meet a fellow thrift addict! I love these pieces you found (especially that sweater) and I think you're right to work with the 2nd dress as a layering piece.
    Anyway, love your blog title and that you are petite like me (I also wear a size 5.5) annnnd that you like to thrift like me too! :)


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