if you can't buy it, make it: an outfit post

you know how sometimes you feel such a sense of accomplishment, and it just puts a smile on your face that almost nothing can take off? well, since i'm no seamstress, when i wear something that i've made of significantly altered, i also wear that smile. last friday i told you that i was wearing a skirt i made, so of course i wanted to do an outfit post showing it!

jacket: thrifted, shirt: forever 21, necklace: dinosaur toes, skirt: made by me!, boots: vintage

i never really had any intention of making my own lace skirt until... THE UNTHINKABLE HAPPENED. let me start from the beginning. it was a rainy day, that april 16th, circa 2pm. i can remember because it was my birthday, also known as the only day i can get chris to come shopping with me for clothes. we went to forever 21 where i tried on a small mountain of clothes, but had to narrow down my choices seeing as how i'd left a stack of birthday cash at home;i figured i could come back for the rest of it - the rest of it including one beautiful lace skirt. i went back not quite one week later and just inside the door was yellow tape blocking any entry into the store, and beyond the yellow tape, the only things left in the store were two or three racks of clothes and a few boxes. i tried to stay calm and tell myself that they were remodeling the store, but i won't lie, i was terrified. so four or five days later i went back to get the skirt i so highly coveted, only to find and empty store and a sign on the door telling me THEY LEFT! i think the angels cried right along with me that day. so, i didn't buy the skirt, and i figured i'd try my hand at making one (i still want that forever 21 skirt thought).

now that i've told you the good part about making something, it's time to get to the honest part. i used a pattern twice before on clothing i've made (a wrap skirt, and a pair of leggings), and to be honest, i just didn't like it. i know that there may not be as much error involved in working from a pattern, but personally i just feel like there's not as much room for creativity when i use a pattern. so, in true danielle style, i laid on top of the fabric, put little marks to know how wide i was and went from there! it generally works fine, but one thing i didn't take into account quite as much as i should have: this fabric doesn't have any stretch. the skirt fits fine, but the only thing is, it's just barely big enough to pull the smaller waist over my butt without ripping seams! so, the good news is, if i keep this skirt out in plain sight, it might keep me from eating donuts for a meal for example, because hey, if i do, i won't be able to wear the skirt!

have you ever made any clothes? what did you make?

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  1. This skirt is really cute! I love/hate Forever 21. We don't have one here so I'm always buying offline and it never is exactly what I thought I saw in their photos.
    I think the only thing I ever made was a bunch of crop tops from old tee shirts. Oh and a toga for a party in college.

  2. this skirt is beautious my dear well done. I too recently had this feeling of satisfaction and made a skirt i could not afford from shops. It is an incredible feeling of satisfaction!

  3. Even more inspiration...I'm not too thrilled with patterns either & I think I want to start making my own circle skirts w/ taffeta liners to make them poofy...okay, maybe no liners but I still think that I should try my hand & just go for it! Also, I love the tiny pockets in that jacket & the look on your face in the first pic...rawr! & your necklace is making me wanna forget moving out & saving money & just buy buy buy! {self control be damned!}

  4. you did such a great job! i love wearing clothes that i have altered or made. i have a few skirts i have made and lots of tops that i have changed and dresses too.you are right that you walk about with such a big smile and a bonus when someone compliments you on it and you can say "thanks, i made it!"

  5. oh man I would have cried too. I cant believe they just up and left. You did a great job on this skirt. I need a doughnut prevention skirt too :)

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  6. It looks really cute! I love lacy things. Kudos for making it yourself! I made some shorts and a reversible bag in home ec once. But I forget all of those skills now. I wish I could make my own clothes. That would be so handy (and tailor fit!).

  7. Super cute skirt! I've never made any clothes, but I'm sure that it must be great to walk around with something you made yourself!!!

    Camila Faria

  8. I love it! And mad props to you for making it. I've never sewed anything except a goofy pillow in my life.

  9. this is awesome! what a great skirt, now can you make me one :) we could prob fit in the same one since we both have tushies! and f forever 21 they suck and their stuff falls apart! yours is WAY better

  10. thats awesome Danielle!!! you can sew too!!! What CANT you do?

    Beautiful work! Beautiful girl!


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