16 miles

dear beca, i am still alive, so please blog stalk me. sometimes when life gets busy, i don't realize i've been away from my blog as long as i have, but thanks to friends like beca who remind me they're awaiting my return, i get excited about posting again! so how was your holiday american friends? and how was your non-holiday international friends? mine was great! well, thanksgiving was nice, but the real fun was friday...

the weather was absolutely gorgeous and warm, so pop, aunt debbie, her new husband steve, and i all went riding on the blackwater creek trails on friday. i have to say, that's got to be one of my absolute favorite things to do in lynchburg, and it's something pop and i really enjoy doing together. for the most part the trails go through a natural area and follow the blackwater creek, and then the james river, but part of the time you go through historic downtown lynchburg which i love! we rode 16 miles exactly, and when i was about 1/8 or a mile or less from my aunt debbie's house (she lives near one of the trail entrances, so we just rode from her house), i couldn't pedal up the hill any further, my bike leaned to the left, and i fell into a fence. i kind of felt like an idiot, and i'm hoping no one saw me!

oh, also, i'm pretty much the riding with no hands champion, even around curves, so i had to show them my skills and dare them to try and beat me. i remain the champion.

i also ate too much. then i ate too much again. and then chris and i bought ice cream. sooo, it looks like i'm going to need to go riding again in the next couple of days!


  1. if I motivate you to blog, then this post motivated me to ride my bike more! I love riding, and especially discoving new places, or riding through old favorite places. You're lucky you get to ride with your dad, that is something that I wish I could do with mine.

    By the way, I forgot to mention, I had a dream about zombies last night and that doug and I drove to your house to escape the zombies, and make sure the bees were still alive, because that meant that we could defeat the zombies. WTF!!??


  2. sooo i am a fan of two things in this post...eating lots and biking. i did both this weekend, too!!! yeaaah!

  3. I need to bike more. Awesome pictures and yayyyyy ice cream!

  4. that tunnel you're going through looks awesome!! and you make me like va more than a girl from md should. :)

  5. beca, you know what i think? i think it's imperative that you come to virginia and ride bikes with me. then we can drink save the polar bears coke TOGETHER. also, what did you smoke, inject or snort before you went to bed last night?!

    ilene, i love biking, and at least doing it is a good excuse to eat too much! haha!

    caitlin, i should bike more, too. it's so fun, but sometimes i kind of forget i can do it whenever i want!

    dizzle, you know you like virginia ;) that tunnel is probably my favorite part of the trail. it's cut through a mountain, so even in the summer it's cool in there, and there's always spring water dripping down.

  6. I can't wait to go bike riding again! Sorry, I think I would have giggled if I saw you crash into the fence. Glad you guys had a great time and ate too much!
    Toni x

  7. toni, i had to laugh at myself! and i'm pretty sure if my dad had seen me he would've laughed, too ;)

  8. I haven't biked in such a long time. I'm afraid that I'll become the exception to the rule of "it's like riding a bike" haha.


  9. i wish i had brought my bike up so we could have rode some trails! i was itching to get out and enjoy the cool weather and get some excerise!

  10. I need to take up bike riding. I have always liked riding a bike. Great pics!


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