hey kona, what are you doing today?

i took these pictures of kona over the course of a few hours one day, and to be honest, i could have taken them over the course of 72 hours and they wouldn't look any different! my poor boy, he must get so worn out from all that dreaming, sleeping, and yawning...

snore. snooooore. snore. dream whimper. snore. snore.

"what are you doing? i'm too tired to open both eyes and figure it out for myself. i was in the middle of a really good dream, too."

hey, are you awake? kona? hey, did you fall asleep again already? hey. alright fine, i guess you're sleeping again.

kona, wake up! i just want to play with you. who wants a goodie?! "a goodie?! i'm awake! both my eyes are open now!" yeah, i thought that might get your attention.

"okay, i'm getting kind of tired. would you mind going and doing something quietly so i can relax for a little while? i'm drained"


  1. holy crap, freakin' hilarious! what a goober, i wanna squeeeeze him with hugs!

  2. love love love! i think you owe me an email full of pet photos....ahem....

  3. woman, i've got pictures for you! and there are even a few of him sitting up. can you believe it?!

  4. I get bored when scout sleeps all day so i bug her (aka blowing on her ears, whispering her name, poking her face)till she wakes up to play with me. I can't imagine when I have kids someday lol.
    your pup is adorable!!

  5. Beastie! I don't have a problem with my dog sleeping too much...generally I wish she'd sleep more, haha. I wish I was a dog so I could laze about the house all day...sigh.

  6. oh my stars, this is SO flippin cute!! i have a pretty good collection of our dogs doing the same thing...haha! we must be so boring. ;)


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