he liked it so he put a ring on it: an outfit post

the title of this post actually has nothing to do with the outfit, but it's about a funny story that i have to tell you! but back to the outfit. last week i shared my latest thrifting finds with you, and i couldn't wait to be able to wear my new to me jacket! unfortunately i took my hair down before i got home, so what you're seeing is my frizz puff, also known as MY OLD HAIR! i got a whole new hairstyle on friday and i'm so glad to say so long forever to that long mess!

jacket: vintage/thrifted, cami: tara jarmon, pants: old navy, shoes: target

those shoes are actually some of my favorites because the color goes with everything, and they're really comfortable. oh, and the fact that i paid $5 for them on clearance definitely makes me very happy, indeed. i also love anything peach, so the camisole, i think, can go with almost anything, and the frills add a more dressy, feminine touch even to jeans. so, that's what i wore.

the funny story... yesterday evening i stopped by the grocery store on my way home to get a few things, and since they've redone it, i couldn't find the lemonade. a (male) employee said hi and asked me how i was doing, then asked me if i'd found everything i needed. he was all smiles and wouldn't stop looking at me (it must have been my new sexy hair). i told him i was looking for lemonade, and he led me to the opposite side of the store to the lemonade's new location, and every few feet he'd turn around and walk backwards so he could look at me and smile. i don't really like to be looked at thanks to my shyness, so it was awkward to say the least. when we were standing in front of the lemonade, he stood there for a minute staring at me and smiling, then he asked, "so how come you're not married?" he noticed my fingers were bare as i don't like to wear rings and pointed out their nakedness. i told him that i was, but that i just don't like wearing rings and he said, "oh okay, i figured someone was slacking if they hadn't put a ring on you yet." all i could do was blush and look at the floor, then i cracked up when i walked away because i knew that chris would love this story seeing as how he tells me ALL THE TIME that i need to wear my rings! so now i'm going to be embarrassed to go back to that grocery store. the end!

i hope you had a good weekend! did you do anything special?


  1. Hahahahahahahahaha!
    1. Why the suspense show us the new hair!
    2. Love the jacket and shoes!!!
    And 3. Hahahahabahahaha! Omg that was the best story- especially as I meet more women these days that just don't like to wear rings with wedding rings included- its a funny contrast to the stereotype that women want rings on their fingers do bad. ;) heehee.


  2. Ahhhhhh! I want to see your new hair. Is it short? I bet its gorgeous! I love that you're doing outfit posts again! And, ill tell you a quick similar story. Doug and I were at the thrift store a few weeks ago, and I was looking at this dress and a guy was all 'mmhmmm, that would look good on you" and I awkwardly said "this wouldn't fit me" because it was itty bitty. And he actually said to me " oh yeah, you're thick....are you married?" At this point I realized Doug was standing right there so I pointed at him and the guy goes "figures, the healthy looking ones are always taken" we laughed so hard. I couldn't even be offended he called me thick, it was just so weird!
    Wear your rings!!!
    Love, beca

  3. That is an awesome story. I hate being hit on and I always make sure I wear my ring becase I am also shy. I love your shoes and your outfit. You have great pieces. I need to get out of my comfort zone and incorporate more color into my wardrobe. I think you should do more outfit posts because I really love your sense of style.

  4. Can't wait to see the new hairstyle. Something about that first photo reminds me of Ann Hathaway :)

    Hahaha I have the same problem because I don't wear my wedding ring. I'm super sensitive to metals and my supposedly hypoallergenic wedding ring still gave me a rash. I had someone say the other day, "So, you're not married?" and I was like nooo I am, rings aren't the only sign of marriage. Rob doesn't wear his either so I guess it's fair, haha!

  5. That's the cutest story ever! Love your outfit! :)

  6. Okay, your story was amazing! You look HAWT, no wonder he hit on you...damn! lol. & Beca's story is amazing too! Haha! Dudes are weird... Anywho, show us your hurrr! What's with this suspense?!

  7. I LOVE that outfit and pleeeease show off your new hair!!!

    Also, omg, that story! I had a 15-year-old (looking, anyway) boy hit on me when I was shopping in Wal-Mart. I was actually kinda pissed, 'cause I never ever take off my wedding ring. He should have paid attention!

  8. omg that story is priceless!That song was playing in my head the entire time I was reading it. You go girl you go hahah :)

  9. You have beautiful hair and you're really pretty so I'm not surprised why that guy was staring at you :-) xoxoxoxo


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