be still, my beating heart.

i found this shop a little while back whilst searching for something else (what, i don't know, probably because it wasn't as amazing), and i knew i had to share! sometimes, when you find something so incredible beyond words, do you start dreaming about how you could incorporate it into you home/outfit/life? i know i do, and all i can think about is how the mantle in my living room will look bare without one of these amazing birds. oh, and i included one that wasn't a bird just to mix things up a little. *wink*

seriously, i need to think of some way i can make some extra money so i can buy one of these for myself for christmas! WHOA! i've seen a lot of bird sculptures made from wire, fabric, papier mache, etc., but i think it's fair to say abigail brown wins. hands down.

and this is something that's been on my mind for a while now. in addition to making and selling my jewelry, i also do some freelance web design, graphic design, occasional wedding photography, and i have a part time job. although no one in my family seems to understand no matter how many times i tell them (can you tell i get a little annoyed?!), my days are busy. i have so many new ideas for jewelry, new ideas for tote bags, websites i'd like to be able to get started on for people, etc., etc., etc., but that part time job really gets in the way of my productivity. i know i shouldn't complain since it's only part time, but i hate it. i loathe it with every fiber of my being and i can't wait until the day i can walk away and never look back. i feel like i lose SO much time working on my own ventures on the days that i work there, and i'm just frustrated. to those of you that have a job outside of the home and also run your own business or businesses, how do you find the time to make it all work without losing sleep, taking time away from your spouse, or giving up the free time you use to exercise, see friends, etc.? is there a balance or am i fighting a losing battle? i'd love to hear your input and advice.

that's all for now; kona is growling, barking, twitching, and just about to get up and run in his sleep, so to keep him from ending up like this dog, i'd better wake him up!


  1. First off, I just LOVE the quail & chickadee from that shop! You definitely need one of those birds to keep Flojo company! Too bad their so dang...choke!
    Also, we don't want Kona running into any walls, so go wake his cute little booty!
    As for work, personal work, personal businesses & all that mess. I think it'd be easier if you didn't loathe your outside boss...I mean, really, errands? But you are a total over achiever when it comes to design, crafting, tooling, what have you & I think that is both amazing & probably very tiring. I wouldn't want to tell you to not be a perfectionist either because your jewelry is some of the most unique, awesome stuff out there! But you do need to figure out how to lighten your load. Schedule work time/reading time/play time/sexy time & whatever else. It's crazy hard to time manage but I know you can do it. Either that or you need to space out your side projects? I'm not sure if you can because I know you want the clients. What a pickle. =/ I wish I could be your personal assistant & help you with all the mundane, non-creative awesome stuff so you can create like an evil genius!
    Love & big bear hugs!

  2. these are so pretty! i feel like you always find the cooolestttt stuff! esp. if it's bird related! i want the first one!

  3. ah! Budgie! I wish it was in my budget. (see what I did there?)

  4. i love abigail's work, i have been a fan for a while. isn't she amazing!?!!! so fantastic!

  5. wow these are so awesome!! i love them all and the shop is totally perfect! i would love a quil or a jay!

  6. Those are all pretty unique and whoever makes them they are very talented.

    As for trying to do everything well I find that it is best to take little steps at a time. I am also having a hard time balancing things in life right now and it is so hard to do. Maybe if you try to schedule things in 20 minute increments where you are able to focus on one task at a time. It does not have to be 20 minutes it can be longer but maybe that could help.

  7. I've taken a job this year where I only work about 5 hours tops a week, but fucking driving over there and driving back are just totally not worth the 40 bucks I make. Erg.


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