thrift score!

it's been a while, and i mean a LONG while since i've been thrifting last. it's one of those things i love doing, but have to be in the right mindset to actually do, much like running. anyway, the other week i was in the right mindset, so i went forth and searched. when i go thrifting i like to have certain items in mind to look for, otherwise it's brain overload and chaos because i can't handle all the vintage prints, fabrics, and shapes! i was looking specifically for those great vintage sweater jackets or cardigans with the knit tie at the waist. i've never had much luck finding those, and this last trip was so no different on that front, but i still came away with a gem!

i almost didn't like this at first, but man am i glad i carried it around for a few minutes and let it grow on me, otherwise it would have turned into one of those deals where you're kept awake at night from overwhelming regret, then when you go back to get it, you discover someone else took off with it, leaving you gently sobbing in a corner.

first, i love green, so i'm drawn to anything with green. second, i'm a sucker for slightly cropped jackets with bracelet length sleeves. i love the 1950's feel and shape of this, and even better, it's handmade (and made very well)! because of the style and color, i think this is something i'll be able to wear all year long, and i already have an outfit in mind for later this week!

total damage - $3.

i love belts. belts over dresses, belts over blouses, belts over cardigans, belts for life. one thing i'm always able to find when i go thrifting is belts, and lots of them. i've been wanting a thick brown or tan belt to go around my waist, but since my waist is really tiny, it's more difficult a task than it sounds. luck was on my side that day friends, because i came home with two! WOOO!

total damage - $1 each.

have you been thrifting lately or come home with any special treasures?


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  2. I love thrifting! Sadly it's not big in my country but I used to love going around the shops in the UK.

    The best we get is the occasional market, and then I go mad :)

  3. These are great finds! O_O


  4. dianne, to hang an antler, i just wrapped some thin gauge wire around the antler and made a loop in it for hanging. i usually use it to hold necklaces, but i figured it worked well to hang a jacket from, too!

  5. Argh! Why can't we live in the same city? I need a good thrifting buddy.

  6. Sweeeet. Love that jacket. When I saw it I was like oh yeah, I could see Danielle wearing that. I don't know why I thought that because I don't know you, even in blogging terms, very well. . . but yeah. That looks like you! haha

  7. I have been addicted to thrifting as of late. I found my mom one of those awesome JFK/RFK/whitehouse tapestry's. And I can't stop buying halloween costumes, gray cardigans, or unicorn figurines. I might need a support group.

  8. Nice finds!

  9. Those belts are adorable! I love thrifting...wish we actually had decent stores near here.


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