comfortable but not sloppy: an outfit post

i'd say i'm probably pickier than most about what feels good and comfortable to wear, but it's something i'm absolutely not willing to sacrifice. luckily my love for loose, flowy tops meshes well with my love for something that's so comfortable you can't tell you're wearing it! chris and i had a cookout to go to over the weekend since friends of ours were in town, and of course i didn't want to go dressed like a slob, but since we'd just be sitting around talking and eating, i also didn't want to be too overdressed (since i almost always wear dresses).

tunic: tj maxx, jeans: target, necklace: dinosaur toes, boots: vintage

why i make such strange faces is beyond me. it's like, my face is normal, then once the camera turns on, my face gets awkward and crooked, and it doesn't even look like me. i honestly don't get it!

although it sort of looks like it in the picture, the tunic and jeans aren't the same color. i've never liked a color enough to wear it from head to toe! and speaking of colors and clothes, the vintage jacket i shared in my last post is the main part of my outfit today, and i can't wait to wear it! also, looking at outfit posts on blogs makes me realize i need to be more creative with how i put mine together, so i'm hoping that the outfit posts i do will get more interesting over time and show a little bit of thought on my part.


  1. you are so pretty. really you are.

    xo monica

  2. Why so blue? ;) Jokes! These is jokes! But really, you're friggin adorable & I love tunics/loose tops/dresses for comfort. It really does work when you wanna be comfy & not look like a slob. You pull it off well m'dear!

  3. awww thanks, monica :)

    thank you, dianne! i think it's my new favorite tunic!

    cal, you always crack me up!

  4. You look so lovely! I am totally a t-shirt/cute shirt/fancy top and jeans kinda gal, so this really is right up my alley!

  5. According to the title, I was expecting Pajama Jeans.

    Much cuter!

  6. ah! LOVE! Definitely not sloppy. <3 Must get myself some tunics! haha


  7. Oh my gosh I love this look! That color blue with the brown boots is fabulous. You're so slender, I wish I had your frame and shape! Soon hopefully =D lol

  8. Oh dear, I don't think your face is awkward at all...look at my blogger profile picture, THAT, my friend, is an awkward picture face.

    I'm also big into comfortable clothes. Usually this means that fashion flies out the window and I laze about in the comfiest thing I can find...but you make comfort look fabulous!

  9. finally i can comment on your post! for some reason i can't do it through bloglovin :\ i love those boots, they are tooo cute, if you lived closer I would totally STEAL THEM! and don't worry i get awkward camera face too, alex makes fun of me all the time about it...cause i just look weird hahaha


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