works in progress

let me preface this post by saying: i know i've mentioned it before, but i feel arrogant calling myself an artist, so i'm just going to refer to myself as a person who likes to make things. now, as a person who likes to make things, i generally don't stick to just one specialty or one medium. i'm sure that most all people who like to make things would feel a little trapped making only one thing, and as a person who likes to make things, it's only natural to branch out and have various methods in which to be creative and express yourself. so, i've been doing just that.

the first work in progress is a tote bag or two. it's been at least a month ago that i told my soul sister i've had an idea for a tote forever and still haven't made it. as much as i love the finished product, i'm never a big fan of the actual act of sewing, thus the procrastination. earlier this week i got a text from beca asking me if i had plans to make more totes, and i guess that was the push i needed to get started! the new thing i wanted to try on the fabric didn't turn out quite like i was hoping, but it's a start, and i still think something pretty neat can come from it!

no, i have not been making apples. what i have been making is fried apples. MMMMM! chris was working with a man last week who had more apples than he and everyone he knows could eat, so chris brought home several gallons of liberty apples. i made several batches of fried apples, and tonight i'm making apple turnovers for dinner delicious snacks!

last, i've been working in my sketchbook. that drawing is nowhere near complete, but it's so fulfilling to be able to draw, regardless of the subject or level of completion. i plan to add a face, obviously, and to make it a little more interesting, watercolor!

do you have any works in progress, or anything you're excited about finishing?

hey, this is really exciting... today i ran into a friend of mine from middle school. it's been over 15 years since i've seen her (whoa, that makes me feel old!), and if she hadn't said her name, i'm not sure i would have recognized her. we ended up talking for a long time, exchanging numbers, and planning to get together very soon. i know i was smiling for the rest of the day because of that. i think those are the friendships that are the most special - the ones that never change no matter how much time has gone by!


  1. yay so many fun projects coming your way! loving the antlers so far! reminds me of my mr. van deerson! i always have waaay to many projects going on, wish i could get them all down so i can breath but i just love creating too much to stop! hehe

  2. I love the antlers (and antlers in general). I can't wait to see how it evolves (maybe onto a tote bag?).

  3. The antlers look so superb right now! I love that you have so many projects too. Its always a little bit scary to share something you create....but when others appreciate it...its easier to know who to love in this world. Hearts, Janna Lynn

  4. tote bags!!!! I'm so excited!! and so glad my random texts can be a motivator.
    and fried apples. mmmm. apple fritters? is that the same as your fried apples? or am I just too deep south?

  5. I saw my friend from jnr high last summer, who I hadn't seen for about 10 years. I was so nervous that I wouldn't have anything to say or know where to start. But from literally 30 seconds after seeing each other we couldn't stop talking and it was a crazy connected feeling like I don't have with any of my friends nowadays.


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