what i've been working on...

i haven't been working on jewelry as much this week as i did last week, but i blame that on my memory; i'll have so many great ideas while i'm not around my supplies (and yes, i have tried writing them down, but my scribblings mean nothing once i'm sitting there amongst my metal, hammer, and stones), but by the time i get a chance to work on anything jewelry-related, the ideas are long gone. it's so frustrating. but i have made a few things to add to my shop...

top to bottom: a colorful and glam twist on the basic hammered cuff (shown with peridot, iolite, labradorite, citrine and peridot), ruby zoisite in a hammered brass ring, hammered brass earrings with pyrite and labradorite, black quartz and brass bracelet.

also, i'm not going into annoying blogger shameless self-promotion mode, BUT since this is a post about jewelry that is or will be going on my website, i just thought i'd throw it out as a reminder: until november 18th, 15% of sales from my website will be donated to the rachael horton compassionate care fund (you can read that post here).

i've also been working on my appetite. i kid, that never goes away and doesn't require any work, only food! yesterday and today for lunch i made myself a bacon, mozzarella (the real kind, not the fake shredded crap from the bag), tomato and basil pita. i'm actually getting hungry again just talking about it! and seriously, what can't be made better with fresh basil? nothing!


  1. damn lady you been working hard on that sandwich! hehe but really your bracelets are really pretty. i have been stocking your store and just can't make up my mind what i want!!!! toooooo many pretty things!! i plan on making up my mind sometime soon!

  2. you just get better and better girl fiancee!!! i've rekindled a love affair with bracelets and i really need one of yours to show off (especially since you're doing such a sweet thing with your sales. my heart still hurts for you guys).

    consider me back on payday ;)

    i miss you so much! i wish i was there so you could feed me that yummy looking sandwich, minus the pig of course ;)


  3. Those are beautiful! My friend and I make jewelry in our spare time, and she is very much into the stones and any earth-like materials, so she often makes similar pieces. I'm a pearl girl :)

    And the sandwich looks delicious!

  4. That bacon looks like the perfect addition to the basil, moz, tomato idea! Yummo! Like an amazingly fantabulous BLT! Anywhoooo...your work is fucking amazing Toes! I mean, those earrings!?! Are you kidding me?! Soooo great! I love how they look like the rock has formed over the brass...so cool. =)

  5. Oh man your jewellery is amazing. I find it both inspirational but it also kinda makes me feel like I should give up!

  6. If your jewelry were a sandwich, it would be the biggest best Bacon sandwich in the universe.

  7. I love LOVE those earrings! Christmas is coming!

  8. Oh my gosh, that ruby zoisite necklace caught my eye instantly. I mean, all of your pieces are gorgeous but wow. I need to look up the meaning to that stone (yes, I'm "that" person. I look up gem, stone, flower, color, etc. meanings all the time!)

    Also, that sandwich sounds AMAZING!!!

  9. Thanks A lot i'm here drinking my coffee, reading my blog roll and Then you gotta put a tomato Basil Pita in front of my face! and guess what we have NO groceries because we just got back in town! THANK ALOT!

  10. I am IN LOVE with those earrings.. and next time I come over lets have those sandwiches :)

  11. Love the jewelry, and I am drooling at that caprese sammich. Delish.


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