bag lady.

first, let me say that i know this isn't wednesday, so it isn't my usualy wish list post, but tomorrow is a pretty special day that i'm going to share with you through pictures! no hints, you'll just have to come back. anyway, i don't know about you, but for some reason i always feel like i want new bags and new shoes when i know spring is coming (much to the dismay of husband). in all honesty, i don't really know of any shoes i want or need, although i'm sure i'll find some once the weather starts to get a little warmer. one thing i've been seriously lusting after is a new bag. and not just any bag, but one of these fun, woven, southwest style bags. i haven't done any thrifting for several months, but i'm itching to get back out there specifically so i can hunt for one of these bags! if i can't find one while thrifting, or even if i can, i'm tempted to treat myself to a new, well, old, storage spot for my phone, lip gloss, wallet, etc.

i found these beauties here (from top): santoki vintage, mammal and lamb, lesaispas, scottie in a canoe.

you know how sometimes your brain doesn't really go in order? well, that's how mine is today. okay, most every day. anyway, rather than trying to write the next few thoughts in some sort of rational order, i decided to make you a list: i'm excited today because:
-i got a closet in the exercise/shipping/whatever room organized and cleaned up so that i could hang my coats, jackets, dresses and sweaters in it. it was too packed having chris's things and my things in the same small closet. whenever i get a closet cleaned out, i feel such a sense of accomplishment!
-tomorrow afternoon chris and i are going up to the blue ridge parkway to watch gwen, or favorite wildlife rehabilitator, release a golden hawk! it was injured in a foot trap and had to have toes amputated, but now it's ready to get back out into the wild! yes, i am taking three cameras.
-i got my first roll of film from my olympus pen ee half frame camera developed! i'm going to scan in some pictures to show you very soon!

also, before i go, be sure to enter my giveaway for a chance to win a $40 gift certificate! okay, over and out.


  1. love all of these bags, you have quite the collection toes

  2. these bags are the perfect shades and styles for the warm weather to come! gets me in the mood for light breezes and outdoor flea markets too.

    can't wait to see your scanned in film photos. and i'm so happy for gwen!

  3. I love your style! Your outfit is lovely, and I cannot wait to hear about the wildlife release experience!!

    also, I purchased a necklace from your shop, and I have featured it in my latest blog post. i<3it. :)

  4. Wow, loving all these bags, particularly that first one. Perfection!

  5. I've also been on the lookout for bags like these. That first one is my absolute favourite.

  6. Danielle, sometimes when I see your posts I think it's best we live on opposite sides of the continent, because if we lived in the same town and hung out we'd always be fighting over who saw what first and so on at thrift stores. I love your style and now I want a bag just like these ones!

  7. OHhh my, you really have impeccable taste! I love all of those bags! Hearts, Janna Lynn


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