fishies need your help.

this is just a quick little blog post because i need your help! okay, so last week after seeing gale's post about aquatic plants, i decided that this house needed a fish. i've always loved fish, with the exception of these nasty eels that my mom decided to get for our aquarium when i was younger. those things were so freaking gross, and sometimes we'd come home to find them flip flopping around on the floor because they'd jumped up and knocked the top open, landing them on the den carpet. so, yeah, kind of a tangent, but aside from those, i pretty much like most fish! anyway, i saw the blog post and got to thinking about the goldfish that look like they have brains on the outside of their heads (they have a fancy name, but i can't remember it). i had to drag chris, kicking and screaming, no less, to the pet store on friday afternoon to get a fishy!

unfortunately, they won't have the brain goldfish until next week, but i didn't let it stop me in my quest for an aquatic friend. so i just decided on the little goldfish like i used to win at carnivals. i told the girl i wanted two of the white ones with orange spots, but when she came back, she gave one orange fish, and one white fish, but not even white, like a dirty white. they're not pretty, so i guess i have to love them even more because of it. of course the dirty white one swam behind the orange one right as i went to take the picture (thanks, fish). so here's where you come in... i don't know what to name them, and unless you can help me think of something, the white one will be called cal and the orange one will be called mars, and i'm pretty sure they don't want to shares a name with a fish! so HELP ME!

P.S. i've decided to try out what many other bloggers are doing to pass on some items from their closet. i've started another blog where i'll part with a few clothes and bags from my closet (i can be such a hoarder when it comes to clothes, because i always feel like if i get rid of something, i'll want to wear it and realize i no longer have it). you can see it HERE.


  1. What, I'm a white FISH?! Mars cant even swim! ;) You should name Oscar & Gulliver. Yeah, that. =)

    I want fish. I also want a birdie but my cat can catch humming birds so I don't think that'll work. Asshole cat. Haha! I guess a bunny & cat will do for now. They're great palls. ;)

  2. yay for fish! I used to have fish when I was little. I used to try to catch them and pat them because I was curious about what they felt like (and I like to snuggle things)... I didn't realize that it rubs the slime on their skin off and is not good at all to do. So after that, no more fish. But don't worry I know better now! :) I have been trying to think of names, what about henriette and georgina? or pip and greg... I know kinda random... Anyway, good luck!

    p.s. I was thinking of putting a couple of the stones in the shop, what do you think? should i?

  3. How about naming one dinosaur and the other toes. im not sure if this is creative or completely unhelpful but i find it cute ;)

    <3 Sarah

  4. we had a beta fish named Bukowski. We loved him. He even made it to our Christmas card, Christmas newsletter and our cartoon labels. Sadly, it didn't last long. But we did get a Bukowski 2! ^_^

  5. We named our two beta fish Jack and Diane (from that John Cougar Mellencamp song...) but Diane died, so we just have Jack.

    I like matchy matchy names...
    Boris and Natasha
    Bonnie and Clyde
    Cujo and The Thing
    One fish and Two fish
    Tigra and Bunny
    Tupac and Biggie

    I am sleep deprived and full of snot, so as long as my name suggestions made you laugh, my mission was accomplished.


  6. i just bought two goldfish too! legit.

  7. I name all my fish (yes I go through a need for goldfish about once a year) after characters from the land before time the most recent were Cera, ducky and ruby.
    Sadly, like the dinosaurs they all died!

    But i think cal and mars are kinda cute :)

  8. screw you cal! i'll learn to swim eventually, and thanks guys, just make ME the orange's cause im from jersey isn't it. how about naming them meli(greek for honey) and mars..cause i'm so damn sweet. eat that cal!

  9. Romeo and Juliet! :) I love Shakespeare. My dogs have nicknames and real names...their real names are Othello, Puck, Tybalt, Rosalind, and Queen Mabes. My dorkdom knows no bounds!! Congrats on your new scaley friends!! :) Hearts, janna lynn

  10. We want to get a fishy for the kiddies since our last one died after a long 6 year life! His name was Nigiri- after sushi
    At my wedding we gave away at each table the centerpiece which was a siamese fighting fish, I named them all after the great lover's of all time.... Rhett Butler, Forrest Gump, Romeo, Flash Gorden...
    I think you should name them....
    Felix and Sebastian

    I love your closet shop!!! I would buy everything, but you are much smaller than me.

  11. the last time i had a fish it fell down the garbage disposal while i was cleaning the little bowl.

    i was 12.

    i frantically tried to scoop it out...but it was no use. and then my mom turned the garbage disposal on. traumatic.

    oranges and cream are the first names that came to me.

  12. Mars should spell her name like mine Marz :) love that you added goldfish to your sweet family!

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  14. yay you got your fishies! how exciting! that photo of Clementine is so cute, but too bad Ralph got away. you'll get him next time. cannot wait to see brain on the outside fish!

    *the comment before this, i was logged on a different ignore.

  15. we'd seriously have a house full of animals girl fiancee! ;)

    a brain goldfish, really? that makes me giggle!
    and i'm glad you're loving these ones extra.

    TUPAC AND BIGGIE!!! i love that suggestion!!! LOL

    ps. i love the shop idea and was so sad when the vintage lemon yellow tunic sold :( sad day! i should really have something like that (my husband would be so happy for one!) but alas, i may be TOO MUCH of a hoarder ;) lol


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