take a look at these treasures.

apparently i'm not the only one who was about to go into nervous breakdown mode yesterday because the mail didn't run, and i'm glad to know it! i pretty much camped out by the living room window this morning checking about every two and a half seconds to see if the mail had been delivered. finally, it was delivered. and it was glorious. i got a certain supply i've been wanting so i can get on the ball with tote bag making, and i got two other special somethings that i can't wait to show off!

one thing i've been anxiously awaiting is this pretty amethyst core sample from sarah's etsy shop, sadie. because of chris' crazy mixed up employment ordeal, i've been really good about not shopping with the exception of necessary supplies (and it's sucked, i won't lie, because i have so many talented and creative friends i want to support). this necklace, however, had to be mine no matter what. sarah had a valentine's sale in her shop, and that pretty much sealed the deal! sarah has a blog as well as her shop, and i think you'll really like her!

the other thing i've been excited about for the last few days is this amazing, earth-shattering, heart-stopping pair of boots! i don't think boots can get much better than this, and i'm happy to say that they're now mine! one of my absolute favorites, maria, and i did a trade and this is what i got! i'm thinking she got jipped because there's no way she can be as happy as i am! i'd been eyeing them in her vintage shop, little tree vintage, for a while, and i kept hoping that somehow i'd make some extra money so i could buy these! not that her prices are high, i'm just pretty much broke. when she agreed to do a trade with me, i almost roundhouse kicked through a wall i was so excited! if you're looking for vintage or handmade jewelry, check out her shop, or if you're looking for some new reading, be sure to check out her blog!

and how awesome is it that she drew a picture of flojo for me?!? i was amazed and i was smiling so big it almost ripped my face. also, i love the nickname she gave me, "toes." and speaking of nicknames, another one of my favorites is, "beans" courtesy of my soul sister, carla.

blooper: when i first started to take pictures, my big kona bear was pretty curious about the camera flashing on the tripod...or maybe he just wanted to be on my blog, i'm not sure. he's a cutie, so i figured i'd include his picture, too!


  1. you weren't kidding missy. it's christmas at your house! those two items oh my. i would've lost sleep waiting for that freakin mail to come!

  2. I am so happy you love them! They fit those feet perfectly :) and i love the photo with the pup in it, makes it extra special. i hope you're dancing around like a queen today! you deserve it :D As for the photo, i tried super hard haha i even had to google how to draw a parrot since i officially cannot draw! i tried though haha

  3. LOVE the necklace, LOVE the boots! too cute!

  4. your cute little feather tattoo! i love it so much.

  5. Awww! I am so glad that you like your core sample necklace! I was so nervous about sending it you, seeing as how you're an amazing jewelry maker yourself! And that drawing -- so cute. Love the boots, and love that little Kona face!

  6. That necklace is gorgeous!
    I totally feel you on the not buying anything, it really sucks. Jus & I have already agreed that once he starts his new job I'm allowed to buy myself something on Etsy & he's allowed to buy himself some nice beer.

  7. Beans.
    Your boots are so awesome.
    Legit, in fact.
    Sarah's pieces are so lovely...and you know how I feel about Maria.
    Overall, we've got a nice love thing going, right?

  8. uhh i'm obsessed with your tattoo. and those boots are adorable! i love creeping on the hilarious tweets back and forth between you two. you guys are so funny!

  9. I know what you mean, monday was the worst! Still waiting for mail! p.s. the personalized envelope is the cutest!

    <3 Sarah

  10. it's awesome that you've done so well cutting back on shopping! i bet it's hard, but feels satisfying :)

  11. i know what you mean about the no shopping and wanting to support your talented friends... not having a job yet really hurts my addiction lol but i was the same way-- could not resist a sale so i took advantage of her vday sale too :) i love mine and yours is so pretty! too bad i'm not there still so we couldn't take a pic of our sadie necklaces AND our pretty close-to-it matching booties!!!

    though the sole on the bottom of one of mines is coming undone and we don't want our shoe talking to us right? must fix that.

    I LOVE that photo of Kona :)

    ps. do i want to know why carla calls you "beans?" lol! jk also, thanks to you and your eye for talent and awesome friendships, i'm happy to know sarah! thank-you girl fiancee!!! i got your email but am waiting to call you so i don't give you another cajillion reply to get back to... plus i just really miss your voice! :)

  12. yay for surprises in the mail and trades with friends :). i miss you pretty girl! hope you're having a good week.


  13. that little feather is the cutest tattoo I've ever seen. and so are those crazy boots! (crazy in a good way of course)

    your dog is adorable btw! wish my dog were as curious as he is, haha.

    love your blog btw!

  14. ...your pets have THE best names. That is all. Oh wait...HOLY SHIT LOOK AT THAT CORE SAMPLE!!!! & those boots are amazing! I love boots. Boots boots boots. =)

  15. both are killer! good scores!
    did you know kassi is moving to TEXAS!!! now you and lauren really need to come visit this summer!

  16. kona is so cute. all your creatures are d, not just saying so, they are truly super duper. (yes, super duper.)

    really love those boots too! so pretty and unique; congrats on the trade!

    sarah is so talented and good with her stone finds. you and sarah are the only jewlery shops i buy from on etsy, really. i love the style the two of you share, so pretty, uniqe and natural. so similar yet so different. <3

    and that drawing is really cute too!


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