new things.

i've become the proud new owner of a few things, and i'm so excited about them that i wanted to share! i wanted to get my pictures taken a little earlier while the sun was out before the clouds and rain moved in, but i got really into cleaning in the kitchen - the microwave to be precise. sounds fun, right? it wasn't, but as long as i get to smell cleaning products, i don't mind so much. oh, and if that isn't exciting enough, i washed two loads of laundry yesterday and cleaned the floors! i'm such a rebel.

first is the surprise package i got from one of my new and favorite twitter/blog friends, lauren. she has a beautiful collection of prints and postcards including pretty perfume bottles that i told her i loved, and guess what? she sent me some! i got a whole stack, but i wanted to show you a few of my favorites. i know those three will go on my clothespin art line in my art room, and i'm not sure where i'll put the others because it has to be just the right spot, you know?

the next thing i got is this shirt from arlie! her shop urban revisions is full of shirts and scarves on which she does an incredible shredding technique. i'm not quite sure how i would describe it, but the finished product is beautiful, with a very delicate quality. we did an old fashioned switcheroo which was long overdue, and now i'm waiting for nicer weather so i can show that baby off!

last is a print i won in a giveaway from city of blackbirds. i'm a hardcore architecture fan (blame it on my architect husband), and even more so a fan of architecture in europe. plus, how sweet are those hearts? i definitely got lucky!

i've got a giveaway coming up soon, so be sure to check back for that, and i've also been working on lots and lots of dinosaur toes jewelry that i want to share! i hope you are having a good week!


  1. I love that shirt - just gorgeous! I have so much laundry to do, it is just never ending!

  2. These are some lovely new things! Can't wait to see the jewelry you've been working on.

  3. I love that shirt, it is so beautiful. I need to check out her shop!

    Also, you need to come visit me, we're in the middle of a blizzard and you'd be happier than happy!

  4. lauren nicole is a total sweetheart!

    i'm loving that shredding technique! i'm always amazed at the endless talent out there (you included!)

    those hearts are terribly sweet :) and i can't wait to see what's new in shop.


  5. that shirt looks so pretty! hope you post a photo of how you wear it :).


  6. i love that hearts print! thanks for the link to the city of blackbirds shop- they have some great prints for sale.

  7. oooooh I love all the new items!


  8. Congrats on all your new beautiful acquisitions! And yes, Scott Peterson is at San Quentin, though I haven't seen him live and in the flesh cause he is on death row and extremely isolated. San Quentin is also home to "the Nightstalker" (Richard Ramirez, famous serial killer from the 80's) and Richard Alan Davis (the guy who killed Polly Klaas). Charles Manson was there till 1989 but now he's at Corcoran Prison.

  9. the City of Blackbirds print is GORGEOUS!! So glad you won! :)

  10. Loooove all your new treasures - Such pretty things you got there :)

    I cleaned house yesterday! There's nothing like having a clean kitchen and not having any dirty laundry. I love it because that's such a rarity in my house. I always procrastinate when it comes to cleaning! And my favourite cleaning product smell is Pine-Sol! I love it :)

    Can't wait to see what you've been working on!

  11. What great surprises! I love the bokeh hearts!!!

    Ha ha, glad you guys liked the picture of poesy, she looks like she is in the jungle! She was yawning in that photo... I caught her trying to doze off (eyes closing doing little head shakes), but she caught me watching/photographing her. She is so funny, I think sometimes she poses for the camera... Other times she wants to cuddle it!

  12. Pretty stuff! I love postcards! Have them hanging everywhere .


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